The Clues That Jaime Dies On 'GoT' Are Too Big To Ignore

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Game Of Thrones is not a show that's known for its actor job security — prominent characters die all the time, and often when you least expect it to happen. You'd think fans would have adapted to it at this point, but somehow Jaime Lannister seemingly drowning after facing off against Daenerys Targaryen and her dragon still felt completely shocking. But is that what actually happened, or did it just look like Jaime died? It won't be clear until Episode 5 (and maybe even not then), but in the meantime, I'm sorry to report to all the Lannister-lovers out there that I'm pretty convinced Jaime died on Game Of Thrones.

It wouldn't be the first time the show has toyed with our expectations with a seemingly deadly cliffhanger, of course: Jon Snow was dispatched in a similar fashion at the end of Season 5, and nobody know whether he was going to be alive or dead at the start of the next season (Although he was actually dead, so maybe that's a bad example). Plus, everyone who watches Game Of Thrones knows that if you can't prove someone's shuffled off this mortal coil until you see their lifeless and/or mutilated body, which also happens to be a good general rule of thumb for any kind of action or drama series. But despite all that, I feel pretty confident that Jaime is not only merely dead, but really most sincerely dead:

He’s Too Heavy To Not Drown


Water seems like the safest place to be during a dragon attack, but it’s definitely not if you’re all decked out in cumbersome iron armor that will weigh you down and keep you from reaching the surface. Let’s also not forget that one of Jaime Lannister’s hands is made of solid gold, which not only hinders his ability to get out of his armor quick enough to survive, but also happens to be one of the the heaviest substances available in Westeros.

The Music Stopped

Almost every time someone dies extra dramatically at the end of a Game Of Thrones episode, the music briefly stops during the beginning of the end credits — presumably so everybody watching has the chance to sit there in stunned silence. It happened when Catelyn Stark’s throat was slit during the Red Wedding in season 3; it happened when Jon Snow was murdered at the end of Season 5; and it happened just now when Jaime fell into the water.

Only One Fan Favorite Character Gets To Live At A Time

Like I said earlier, characters die on Game Of Thrones constantly, to the point that it’s often more surprising when they don’t. Bronn should have been burnt to a crisp when Drogon attacked the giant crossbow station he was using, and yet somehow he narrowly survived. Are you going to tell me that both he and Jaime outlasted a dragon at close range during the same battle? That seems a little too far fetched to believe— and given that Bronn is a more practical and less stupidly noble character that Jaime, my money's on him to make it.

It's Just Too Poetic

Fans have always wondered how Jaime would factor into the ending of Game Of Thrones, and one of the most popular theories out there is that he might kill Cersei Lannister when she becomes too unhinged, just like he did when he killed the Mad King Aerys — she is, after all, fated to be killed by a younger brother, whom she always assumed would be Tyrion. But wouldn't it be just as poetic — and a lot more in-line with his character, given that he's still so devoted to Cersei — if he died trying to kill Aerys' daughter instead?

Naturally this is all speculation on my part, and not proof that we've officially seen the last of Jaime Lannister. But if he does come back to Game Of Thrones, it better be for a damned good reason, because that was a top tier final scene he just got handed (pun not intended), and the first major character death all season that's actually shocked me. It would be a shame for the show to reverse course now, after giving Jaime such a fitting end.