Something Is Really, Really Wrong With Trish In ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2

Spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 2 Episodes 1-5 ahead. In Marvel comics, Patsy Walker is a teen hero known as Hellcat, but on Jessica Jones she's just Trish. As Jessica's best friend and sister, however, her life is far from ordinary. What's happening to Trish in Jessica Jones Season 2? Is she pregnant? Something is up with her physically in Episode 5, and it is quite mysterious.

In Episode 4, Trish and Jessica arrive at a crime scene and are both taken away by the cops — but while Jessica is in jail the next time we see her in Episode 5, Trish is at home. She's puking, needs eye drops, her mother suspects that she took some kind of drug, and she has apparently been asleep for 26 hours.

"This isn't like last time," she says, still slightly out of it. Her mother assumes that's about her previous problems with addiction, but that may not be the case. Does this have something to do with the inhaler and other weapons she and Jessica took from Will Simpson's cache? When she pushes the cop at the end of Episode 4, the blow is stronger than they both expect. At the end of the episode, she takes another hit from the inhaler.

In Season 1, Trish encountered the Marvel character "Nuke" and got a taste of his enhanced abilities from pills. Not the fish oil pills from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that contain terrigen crystals, but something a little more dangerous. Clearly this "fix" is appealing to her. It makes her closer to Jessica. It gives her the power she has always craved.

That said, pregnancy is often telegraphed in media via morning vomit sessions. What if what's happening to her isn't supernatural at all? An unplanned pregnancy with an ex-boyfriend would not only complicate Trish's own journey of self-discovery on Jessica Jones, but it would be a karmic consequence for Jessica — who made her friend's relationship a gossip item in order to keep her grounded during a case.

In an interview with PopSugar, actor Rachael Taylor how things get darker for Trish in Jessica Jones Season 2. She's not always good this time around. Taylor said:

"One of the things I like about playing Trish is that, on one hand on the surface, it looks like she has everything that she could ever want, but she is stuck with this unholy ambition. She desperately wants to be more than what she is. I think that at her core, she probably has relatively low self-esteem — she wants to matter. She wants to help people and save people the way that her friend can. And I think Season 2 sees her compromise herself; in order to try and occupy more space, to be more powerful, and not be vulnerable again. Trish wants to be the leading lady and she's not. I think that's kind of grim when that person is your best friend."

In the interview, Taylor and Krysten Ritter also talked about how Jessica Jones, with female writers and all woman directors this time around, speaks to the experience of being a woman even in this supernatural world. Particularly when it comes to Trish's traumatic relationship with her director Max that hits the #MeToo movement right on the head, but also in terms of female friendship and just navigating the real world as a woman, powerful or not.

It would be interesting to see how this show handles "pregnancy as a plot point," especially as Trish faces all of these domestic life goals when Griffin proposes to her — especially if you're tired of men writing these stories.

That said, what's happening to Trish in Episode 5 is likely the side effects of a Will Simpson drug. Right? Maybe. We don't actually see her inhaling until later, so multiple possibilities should be considered. Jessica Jones might be well into her hero's journey, but Hellcat's is still getting started.