If You Can’t Log Onto Twitter Right Now, This Could Be Why

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You better write down that genius thought you wanted to tweet on a piece of paper before you forget it, because some users are reporting that Twitter has been down since Tuesday morning. Twitter users around the world are being greeted with the dreaded "something is technically wrong" page today as an unexplained outage is blocking the site's function. According to Down Detector, there have been over 6,500 reports of Twitter not working in the last 24 hours.

UPDATE: According to a tweet from the official account for Twitter Support, the site is back up and running again as of 10:45 a.m. EST. No word yet on what caused the outage or whether or not we should expect continuous interruptions within the site's service. But as for now, Twitter seems to be stable. As far as how the Twitter community is doing after the outage, well, that's another story. You know how people on the internet get when the internet doesn't do its job. They lose their minds! They fear the worst! They start stock piling canned foods and behave badly. They also make some really funny memes. Here are some of the most notable reactions about the outage on Twitter in the last 24 hours, that prove Twitter is life.

I'm Really Fine

It's fine! It's totally fine. I'll just sit here, and wait. I'm not scared! I don't need Twitter to function. I'm fine!


But you checked anyway, let's be honest. And then you checked again. And again.

OK, We All Checked

It's not that we didn't believe the news, it was more that we thought we might be spared from the momentary Twitter curse. We all want to believe that we are the exception.

The Cycle

*Writes down witty tweets about Twitter outage on piece of paper, saves for later*

Time To Explore New Hobbies

Just incase Twitter never comes back, it's good to start exploring your other interests. Like painting happy trees or fishing or building model air planes.

When You Realize Twitter Is Life

And without it, you literally don't remember how to hold your hands naturally, or really what to do with your hands at all when they're not wrapped around your phone.

What Else Is There?

The app has an outage and suddenly you don't know who you are without it. It triggers a full-blown "who am I?" breakdown, every time. And then the site starts working again and you forget that you ever felt lost at all.

Making The Best Out Of It

Some people used the outage as an excuse to get some work done...but most people just kept refreshing the page until the outage was fixed. By some people, I mean me.

One Way Of Testing The Waters...

Well, this trend will get awkward for people real fast once the site is back up.


*Turns slowly to co-worker and struggles to have a verbal human interaction*

It's A Sign!

But then when the app started working again, was that also a sign that you should ditch your productive plans and hop back on Twitter?

Me, Myself & I

"Hello self, how are you?" - Self

The Post Secret Trend

That very quickly will not become a secret once by the time the tweet is posted.

INSIDE The Computer?

But really, how are so many people tweeting about Twitter being down, when Twitter is down? *Mind blown*

A Silver Lining

But all of these things were obviously put on hold when Twitter started working again, let's be real.