What You Need To Know About Wirth Before Sliding Into The "Very Cavallari' Star's DMs

Reality royalty Kristin Cavallari is back, this time as the ruler of her own little kingdom. Very Cavallari, which premiered on July 8 and airs every Sunday at 10pm ET on E!, follows the former Laguna Beach star as she moves her family to Nashville and opens her own store, Uncommon James. The store is filled with a staff of charismatic characters, among them, the ambiguously job-titled and ridiculously good-looking Wirth Campbell. So is Wirth Campbell from Very Cavallari single or what? If you thought you'd found your dream man in this 6'3, charming, blonde Khal Drogo, well, unfortunately (for all of us), this handsome dude is off the market right now, even though in the early part of the season he appears to be single. But judging from his social media presence, it seems that Wirth Campbell has a girlfriend now.

Wirth and his significant other, Kat Braswell, have been together for over six months now, according to the loving five-month anniversary post Wirth put up on June 6. Wirth gushed about his lady with the following caption:

5 months may not seem like a long time to most people... but these past 5 months (officially) with this woman have been the most amazing! She hands down makes me a better man, makes me laugh til it hurts, and makes me love harder than I’ve ever loved. You are one special woman, Kat. I’m still not sure what I did to deserve you, but thank God for thinking I did. Long distance has made this feel like a long 5 months, yet somehow it’s gone by so fast at the same time. It’s like I’ve known you my entire life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you[.]

Yep, it pretty much sounds like he's found the love of his life. Kat features prominently on Wirth's Instagram in general, doing a variety of cute couple things like acroyoga, hiking, attending weddings, and going to beaches. So. Many. Beaches. As if being couple goals isn't enough, these two are all the vacation goals.

Just how serious are these two athletic love birds? Well, whether or not they've got wedding bells on the brain remains to be seen. But in the blurb about Wirth's role in the E! News article on the cast of Very Cavallari, it referred to him as "the modern day southern gentleman and family man." It would be surprising if this self-proclaimed "family man" wasn't hoping for a family of his own at some point.

Will Kat and Wirth manage to stay together as he's propelled into the spotlight with his new career as a reality star? Obviously no one can predict the future, but if what boss Kristin Cavallari says about him is true, then Wirth sounds like a pretty down-to-earth guy. "Wirth is a really great guy," she says in a teaser for the show. "In a group of crazy women, he sort of like, grounds everybody. Wirth is perfect."

That's a glowing performance review if I've ever heard one. It looks like Wirth can do no wrong with the ladies on Very Cavallari. It makes sense that he and Kat look so gosh darn happy together in all their photos. Here's hoping she makes an appearance on the show and we get to see a bit of their real life love story in action!