Here's Where You Can Find Issa's Favorite Taco Joint on 'Insecure'

Screengrab via HBO

There's nothing Issa Dee (Issa Rae) loves more than food, which is why she's already on a first-name basis with the Krispy Kreme by her new apartment. But that's dessert, right? On Insecure's latest episode, viewers finally got to see her fave taco joint, which Issa and Molly (Yvonne Orji) referenced back in their Party Lyft in the season premiere. While the exterior looks unassuming, fans can rest assured that Worldwide Tacos is a real restaurant, and they should probably make a stop if they're ever in Los Angeles.

The shop is located on West Martin Luther King Boulevard, and fortunately for L.A. residents, Insecure superfans, and/or Mexican food aficionados, the food looks just as delicious as Issa keeps gushing about. The restaurant's website is stark, featuring just their menus and contact information, which is always a good sign for good food. And if Issa's enthusiasm is any indication, they're worth it.

According to a 2009 article from the LAist, Worldwide Tacos is run by Fredrick Sennie. "Everything is prepared fresh, and we have a small kitchen," Sennie explained. "One order can complicate everything, and it can take 45 minutes." According to the article, all tacos are served in hard shells, which rarely break. What's more, they're not even traditional Mexican-style — instead, he called it soul food. Not to mention the fact that Worldwide Tacos don't just serve its namesake — there are 150 kinds of tacos, including B.B.Q. salmon tacos, which go for $4.25 a pop — but also burritos, burgers, and even vegan/vegetarian options. Hungry yet?

However, lunch isn't the only thing that Issa picks up at the Mexican restaurant in this episode. As she's singing, "You are my greatest love!" to her cherished B.B.Q. salmon taco, she runs into Lyft Bae, a.k.a. Nathan (Kendrick Sampson). "What are you doing here?" she asks. "Y'all wouldn't shut up about these tacos," he explains. In addition to getting Issa a replacement B.B.Q. salmon in exchange for the one Issa dropped (smart move), Nathan orders himself jerk chicken, raspberry chipotle chicken, and Thai shrimp tacos.

But that's when he realizes that their food's going to take over an hour to make (which is presumably why Issa put in a phone order). "An hour?" he exclaims. "See, this another one of them extra-L.A. type things." The wait does seem extravagant for four tacos, but as Issa assures him, they're well worth it.

Issa then shows "Nathan with the Face" Worldwide Taco's surrounding area. "So this is Leimert Park," she says, "and it's like, black everything. It's black businesses, black food, black art." Viewers, and Issa, discover that Nathan moved from Houston after the hurricane, and he's been finding it difficult to adjust to the Southwest. "I will say, though, I like how you ride for your city," he acknowledges.

She continues to show him points of interest as they walk, like Hot and Cool Cafe and Eso Won Books, which are real shops, too. And since fans learn that Nathan's a barber, Issa tells him to get a chair at the shop down the street because they get all the bootleg movies first. "I saw Dunkirk way before my family was like, 'What the hell is Dunkirk?'" she jokes.

As she introduces Nathan to L.A., it's obvious how much Issa (both the real and fictional version) loves her city. "There's just something magical about being in the area, supporting the community and just the essence of the neighborhood that we're bringing to life," Rae told the Los Angeles Times in 2017. "I don't want to fake any parts of [Insecure]. I don't want to fake Inglewood. I don't want to fake Leimert because these places exist, and they really get used."

And thankfully for everyone who drools every time the restaurant appears onscreen, Worldwide Tacos exists, too.