Can Theon Save Yara In Time On 'GoT'?

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Helen Sloan/HBO

Guys, it has been a hot minute since we have seen the badass that is Yara Greyjoy on Game of Thrones. Ever since Euron abducted her and brought her in front of Cersei as a prize, fans have been wondering where he took her from there. Is Yara dead on Game of Thrones? I surely hope she is still alive because Theon is finally stepping up and making his way to save her.

Obviously, most fans likely cursed Theon's very existence when he dove off the ship instead of saving his sister from their sadistic uncle a few episodes ago, but let's all give him some props for finally doing the right thing. On Sunday, during the Game of Thrones season finale, Euron threatened to kill Yara if Theon didn't pledge allegiance and loyalty to him as king of the Iron Islands. That tells me that he still has her alive somewhere. Of course, this could also be me living in the land of wishful thinking because there is nothing that says Euron should be taken at his word. He could have very well already killed Yara and used that empty threat as a means to trick Theon. After all, Euron is no Ned Stark when it comes to promises.

But, if she is still alive, then hope is on the way. Theon killed one of the Iron Fleet's goons and rallied the troops to go save his sister. As angry as I am at Theon, it would be really nice to see him finally pull out a win and redeem himself just a little bit by bringing our beloved Yara back.

Honestly, I just need Yara back in my life. She was being developed as such an amazing, strong female character and I want her back to fight the good fight. Let's hope we see her again soon.