Is Zayn Malik OK? The Singer Has A Mysterious New Injury

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Uh oh, Zayn fans: it looks like the star is going through a rough time. As E! News reports, when the "Pillowtalk" singer visited girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s apartment in New York City this weekend, he was using a wheelchair. His jeans were rolled up to show his bandaged, shoeless, and propped up left foot. Naturally, his fans went into a bit of a frenzy upon seeing the star in this state. Is Zayn Malik OK? Thankfully, the answer to this question is simple: Malik appears to be fine, and not suffering from any ailment too severe.

According to his rep, who spoke to People, the 24-year-old star recently had an accident and injured his foot, hence the need for the wheelchair, but he's set to recover just fine. There’s no word yet on how he managed to hurt himself or when it happened, but luckily it seems like the injury wasn't too bad, despite the need for a wheelchair.

Whatever the situation was, it most likely took place in the past week. Hadid took to Instagram just last week to share a photo of herself and Malik kissing while she held up a cake made for her 22nd birthday, and he doesn't appear to be injured in that image. Malk later posted a similar photo sans cake with the caption, “happy birthday to my everything.”

And despite the fact that he's now injured, it seems that even a foot injury can’t stop Malik from visiting Hadid. Thankfully, he should be able to take things easy for a while since he’s not currently on tour, though he is set to have a few performances in Japan this June. It's a good thing that his injury appears to be pretty minor, so hopefully Malik can have a speedy recovery and can get back on his feet pretty soon.