Zayn’s New Video Features A Gigi Hadid Lookalike & Fans Can’t Get Over It

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's still hard to believe that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik split up last month, but now, we might have a clue that she's still on his mind. People are convinced that Malik's new video for "Let Me" is about Hadid, and after watching it, it's pretty easy to understand why — especially since the woman in the video looks suspiciously like his ex.

The song is about wanting to be in a committed relationship with someone, and wanting that person to let you be the one who loves and takes care of them. There's also a fight scene, so obviously, it involves a lot of passion. It's very much a love song, so it's surprising that there would be references to Hadid in it now that they're over, but it seems like there really are. Of course, after dating for almost three years, it's obvious that their relationship held a lot of meaning for them both. This song was written and recorded before their breakup, but what does it mean now that they're no longer together?

After checking out the video a few times, it truly does seem to be evidence that this song might be about Hadid — or that this is still the way he thinks about her, even though things are over between them.

The video — and the fact that the woman who stars as Malik's love interest, Sofia Jamora, per E! News, favors Hadid a whole lot — seems to be a tribute to their relationship. Fans have their theories, and they've already begun flooding Twitter with their thoughts.

A lot of people were quick to point out that the star of the video looks like Hadid, the simplest but possibly also most telling hint of all that "Let Me" could have been filmed with her in mind:

This person pointed out that Malik was so obvious that he should have just let Hadid star in the video herself. Honestly, maybe she should have, because that would have been AMAZING:

And this person seemed to think that Hadid's lookalike is a sign that Malik really needs to work on moving on. Um, harsh?

Or that Malik is up to something because of the timing of his song being released:

There's this tweet, that says basically what we're all thinking (and probably also what Donatella Versace is thinking). A reunion might be ideal, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's ever going to happen — although we can all hope:

And for some, this has just reminded them all over again how heartbreaking this entire breakup has been. We've been through a lot, you guys. Breakups are hard on everyone.

And then, of course, there is this... which may be handy if you need a laugh, because everything that happens in this world is an opportunity for a meme to be born:

Whether or not this video is really meant to invoke Hadid, these tweets make one thing very clear: If you're still mourning the end of her relationship with Malik, you're not the only one. After following their love story on social media for almost three years, it's hard to let it go — especially since they truly did make an adorable couple.

Regardless, Malik's video is already a hit with fans, and it seems like he and Hadid left things between them on a positive note. Maybe, one day, they'll end up together again, but if not? They'll both be OK, especially if Malik keeps putting out videos like this, killing it at this post-boy band adventure he's embarked on.