Issa Rae Didn't Diss Drake At A Golden Globes Party & What Happened Was Actually Cute

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Reports that Drake allegedly tried to get a chance at romance with Insecure (executive producer: Melina Matsoukas) creator and star Issa Rae have caused quite a frenzy. As a result, many fans are eager to find out whether or not Issa Rae really ignored Drake after the Golden Globes. However, the truth may have just been revealed: Rae tweeted about meeting Drake after the 2018 ceremony, and her version of events is much sweeter than what has been reported so far. (Bustle has reached out to Drake for comment on the story, but did not receive an immediate response.)

According to E!, sources claim Drake, with his crew in tow, invited Rae and her friends to attend the Netflix after party where he was DJing for the night. Those same sources claim that Rae jilted Drake's flirty invitation and went on about her business partying the night away with her girls. Though there's no official word on what actually happened during a convo between the two, Rae may have actually decided to take him up on his offer since she was spotted on social media gushing about the soirée later on that evening. In fact, Rae shared a video of the talented emcee doing his thing on the turntables, referring to him as "Zaddy" in the caption while commending him on his DJ skills and calling his playlist "simply correct."

The wildly different reports are a little confusing, which prompted the 32-year-old actor to share her own account of what actually took place on the night that she crossed paths with the Canadian-born rapper. She tweeted, as a seeming correction to the E! article about the incident, "*Obsessed Fan Who Dedicated Entire Season to Artist Continues to Shamelessly Fangirl When She Sees Him at Party."

One E! source connected to the situation claimed that the rapper "made his whole group stop" so he could go talk to Rae. The article goes on to report that Drake then "asked her if she wanted to come to the Netflix party with him," to which Rae is said to have responded "Thanks, but no thanks!," after reportedly telling him that "she was with all her friends."

Another account of the reported meeting, also shared by E!, explains that Drake didn't actually "come on that strong." However, the source did claim that, "He thinks Issa Rae is beautiful and talented. He would like to take her on date if he was given the opportunity. He talks highly of her talents to people." Meanwhile, a third reported insider claimed that Rae and Drake only "exchanged pleasantries" during their meeting and says that the Golden Globes nominee "never denied" his invitation. The source continued by telling E! News, "They don't really know each other but are friendly."

It's worth noting that Issa Rae dedicated the entire first season of her critically-acclaimed HBO series to the OVO entrepreneur, once telling Rolling Stone:

For what it's worth, the Golden Globe moment-that-may-not-have-been wouldn't be the first of the awkward encounters between the two. In fact, during a 2017 interview with LA Mag, Rae detailed their first meeting, and even discussed it again on Watch What Happens Live.

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After revealing that Drake would be her choice when asked which rapper she would consider to write the foreword of her next book, Rae gushed to LA Mag about the moment she and Drake were initially introduced:

While there appears to be no sign of a romantic spark between the two, it does seem that they both, at least, have a great mutual respect for one another’s work in entertainment.