This Gorilla's Friday Game Is Far Stronger Than Yours

I don't know what kind of week you've had, friend, but I do know this: you made it all the way to Friday, and you deserve to watch this gorilla dancing to "Maniac" from Flashdance. Nay, the universe owes you this video. It is too pure, too beautiful, too opposite of 2017 for your eyes.

The gorilla in question is named Zola, and he is no stranger to viral fame; the resident of the Dallas Zoo six years ago, breakdancing at The Calgary Zoo. He returns for the sequel in this now viral video taken by Primate Supervisor Ashley Orr, which features Zola playing around in the pool and basically putting all your slick middle school ~moves~ to shame. The zoo notes that "there’s a lot more to this behavior than you may think" regarding Zola's playtime. "Enrichment helps enhance the environment and lives of animals, like Zola, by providing them with mental and physical stimulation to increase natural behaviors," the zoo explains in the comments. "Enrichment can take many forms, but for this spunky great ape, it means playing and spinning in his favorite blue pool!"

Here's the original video, sans music, posted by the Dallas Zoo.

Some beautiful person on the internet we are all deeply unworthy of decided to add in the music afterward, and ... well. It truly speaks for itself.

In the short time that has passed since the posting of the edited version, Zola has put every version of "Maniac" ever performed by a human being to shame, and brought enough joy to Twitter that we can almost collectively pretend for a hot second that Drake Bell and Josh Peck didn't just rip the hearts out all '90s babies by getting into a feud this week. (Editor's note: don't talk to me in person about this unless you just want me to scream "MEGAN!!!!!" up an imaginary staircase and start crying.)

In any case, if you are singing the blues at the end of this long week in 45's America, here is proof that Zola will fix your bleak baby heart.

To see more of Zola and his pals, check out The Dallas Zoo on YouTube!