Twitter Can’t Decide If Ivanka's New Year's Resolution Is Relatable Or Ridiculous

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Outlining goals for the upcoming year can help anyone start 2018 with clear intentions, and the first daughter is no different. Wednesday morning, Ivanka Trump tweeted that her New Year's resolution is to "sleep more." While some found her resolution to get more rest completely relatable, others suggested more options.

Trump's tweet linked to a USA Today article explaining that sleep deprivation can be deadly. "When it comes to the brain, we have no artificial way to replicate nature," Jeff Stibel writes. "That’s where sleep comes in, by reducing the brain’s size to make room for the mental mouthwash. The process of sleep very elegantly acts as a cleansing agent to remove the brain’s toxins." The article asserts that no one is too important to sleep. "The next time you start thinking about how to better yourself, improve productivity or stay ahead of the herd, lose the bravado and just go to bed," it reads.

The general consensus among doctors is that adults need at least seven hours of sleep a night, which can be nearly impossible when juggling a job and family. But while Trump's New Year's resolution may be one most Americans should consider, some Twitter users thought the presidential adviser should focus on other problems in 2018.

Some Advised Her On How To Get More Rest...

There's plenty of time for sleep when you're funemployed.

... Including Making Changes To Her Company

Trump's clothing line came under scrutiny in June when it was reported that a Chinese factory the company contracts violated labor laws. While there's no proof her company uses "child slave labor" as this tweet suggests, a Washington Post article explains that "although executives say they have a code of conduct that prohibits physical abuse and child labor, the company relies on its suppliers to abide by the policy."

Others Recommended A Career Change In 2018...

The suggestion that she make a career change in the new year was a common theme.

... Along With A New Hobby

People also thought Trump might benefit from reading more books in 2018.

The Sleep Deprived Found It Relatable AF

Despite all the jokes, making a goal to get more sleep hit home for those who definitely don't get seven hours of shut-eye a night.

Has She Told Her Dad About This Resolution?

Since the president only sleeps four or five hours a night, some people thought he should take up the same resolution as his daughter.

More Sleep Would Mean Less Tweeting

If the president spent more time sleeping, he might forego his early morning tweetstorms.

Others Blamed The Trumps For Their Lack Of Sleep...

At the same time, though, liberals felt their lack of sleep was directly related to the Trump administration.

... And Advised Trump To Examine What's Keeping Her Up

Is she too busy to sleep, or is something keeping her up at night?

People Also Pointed Out That Ample Sleep Is A Privilege...

Trump may have a busy day job at the White House, but she's also wealthy enough to pay people to help out at home. People who can't afford to hire caretakers and housekeepers can't always find the time to get enough sleep.

... One Those Working Multiple Jobs Can't Afford

The same is true for Americans working more than one job in order to pay the bills.

Still, More Sleep Wouldn't Solve All America's Problems

Some Twitter users believe Americans are acting as if they're asleep and not paying attention to the nation's problems. In that case, perhaps Trump should get less sleep, not more.

While getting more sleep is a healthy resolution for anyone, it can't hurt to have more than one goal for the new year.