How Ivanka's Daughter, Arabella, Helped Celebrate Her Mom's Birthday Is Pretty Cute

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Oct. 30, presidential advisor and first daughter Ivanka Trump's birthday tweet served to commemorate the arrival of her 37th year — and to illustrate the sweet relationship she has with her daughter, Arabella. The tweet featured a photograph of a serving dish full of pasta and marinara with a little handwritten message alongside it.

At the top of the birthday photo, Ivanka wrote, "Came home to this." The bottom of the picture reveals Arabella's birthday message for her mom, which reads, "Happy Birthday Mom. Eat spaghetti for a long life. Arabella." This message could perhaps be reflective of Arabella's education in Chinese language and culture. In China, long noodle dishes are typically eaten on birthdays because they are thought to bring longevity to whoever consumes them.

This is not the first time Ivanka has shared a birthday message from her daughter. Last year, Arabella also left a handwritten message for Ivanka. In that note, she wrote, "Dear Mom, thank you for giving me birth." In her tweet sharing a photograph of 2017's birthday message, Ivanka joked about her daughter's not-so-accurate interpretation of her birthday. "Clearly, I'm not the only member of my family who doesn't understand how birthdays work," she wrote.

Ivanka's joke from 2017 also made reference to her own faux pas, when she was mocked online after wishing her son, Theodore, a happy birthday when he turned eight months old in Nov. 2016.

It's not clear whether Ivanka had a party to celebrate her 37th birthday or if she opted to approach the day in a more low-key fashion. Last year, for her 36th birthday, the first daughter was surprised with a birthday dinner at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. Several of her friends from New York, along with her husband, Jared Kushner, her father, and his wife, Melania, all attended the dinner, as Vanity Fair reported.

This year, while Oct. 30 marked Ivanka's birthday, it was also a sombre day for many, including the first daughter. On Tuesday she and her husband accompanied President Trump to Pittsburgh following an anti-Semitic attack at a synagogue in the city, which killed 11 people. As CNN reported, the visit was a controversial one, as some in the city did not welcome Trump's presence, while others noted they believed his visit had been scheduled too early, since he arrived prior to the victims' burials.

However, despite the opposition of some, Ivanka and her husband reportedly strongly encouraged the president to visit Pittsburgh, as the New York Times reported. Ivanka and Kushner are Jewish and, according to the paper, reportedly largely helped shape the president's rhetoric and actions in the aftermath of the synagogue shooting.

The outlet noted that some have welcomed Ivanka and Kushner's involvement, with Lisa Spies, a Republican fundraiser, telling the paper, “The fact that he’s [Trump's] actually taking serious advice from his daughter, who happens to be Jewish, I think that people are very happy with this." However, the New York Times also noted that others, particularly individuals from progressive Jewish circles, believe that the couple has not done enough to push the president to take a hardline stance against white nationalism and anti-Semitic sentiment.

Overall, Ivanka's birthday arrived during a dire time for the country — a time during which the first daughter has reportedly played a very active role in guiding her father through the Pittsburgh tragedy's aftermath. This may explain why Arabella's sweet birthday message has been one of the few public acknowledgements of the arrival of Ivanka's 37th year.