This 'Supergirl' Newcomer Has A Troubling Origin Story

Diyah Pera/The CW

Monday's Supergirl is introducing Lena Luthor's ex-boyfriend Jack, who according to the official CW description "comes to National City to unveil his big breakthrough in nano-technology, which has the potential to eradicate all diseases." That's promising, however, on a show like this you can't trust every charismatic stranger who swoops into town. Most of them have agendas. Plus, Supergirl based Jack Spheer on a DC comics character who is nothing but trouble. Kara may be charmed at first, but his arrival is almost definitely a red flag.

In the comics, Jack Spheer is also known as Biomax and the CEO of Biospheer Technologies. He developed a plasma that could control organic tissue — but after being pushed into a vat of the stuff by his son Jason, ended up with superpowers. He can possess people, controlling their minds, and also fly! Always nice to have the bonus power of flight. As a villain, he went up against the Justice League, usually seeking revenge for something, and usually coming into contact with Green Arrow and Black Canary.

The thing with Biomax in the comics, though, is that he doesn't have a corporeal body of his own. So my question for Supergirl is, did Lena Luthor used to date Jack, or Jason? This guy seems too young to have a son capable of pushing him into a vat of anything. I know that corporate sons often have daddy issues, but what if this guy is actually being possessed by his own father? That definitely one ups the relationship between Howard and Tony Stark in Marvel comics.

Diyah Pera/The CW

Spheer is played by Rahul Kohli on Supergirl. You know the actor from iZombie; he plays Ravi. In an interview with Collider, Kohli teased that his chemistry with Katie McGrath is "pretty damn good." Lena Luthor rides the morally grey train at all times, so I am looking forward to decoding their dynamic.

"They were actually research partners," Kohli said in the same interview. "They were working on this technology together, for many years, and they were also partners, romantically. During that time, while they were still trying to perfect that technology, Lena was given the opportunity to work for the Luthors and family duty called."

It'll be good to see another side of Lena in this episode, especially as McGrath was recently promoted to series regular ahead of Season 3. Whether this ex of her turns out to be friend or foe, it'll be nice to see the non-Luthor aspect of her character in the spotlight for a change.