Jaclyn Cosmetics Is Issuing Full Refunds To EVERY Customer

Since its launch, YouTuber Jaclyn Hill's eponymous beauty brand has been facing online backlash. From customers who contend that there is hair in their lipsticks to those who allege that the products are expired, social media has been alight with commentary. Now, Jaclyn Cosmetics is issuing full refunds to every customer who shopped its site, and it's a massive move from the brand.

On June 22, Jaclyn Cosmetics made an announcement on both its Instagram and Twitter accounts that it would be sending out automatic refunds to every customer who shopped its initial launch. According to the brand's Twitter account, "our production did not meet our brand standards," and as such, it will not only be refunding those who have contacted customer service to request their money back but also returning the purchase price and shipping cost to those who were satisfied with their lipsticks.

Bustle has reached out to the brand for additional comment.

In follow-up tweets, the brand directed customers to the Jaclyn Cosmetics website's customer service section for additional details. According to the site, customers do no need to contact the brand in order to secure a refund. They will be done automatically with an e-mail notification sent to customers. The brand then says to wait 7 days for the refund to post back to a bank account.

As for Hill herself, she also addressed the issues customers were allegedly experiencing for a second time in an Instagram story. In the short video that has since been uploaded to YouTube by account Spilling The Tea, Hill explains that she has made the decision to issue refunds because she believes it's "the only way to make this right."

In the video, the YouTuber also explains that she will no longer be working with the same lab and that the brand is building a new team. However, any future launches from Jaclyn Cosmetics have been delayed due to the issues within the manufacturing process. Regardless of these changes, though, Hill ends her Instagram story saying, "The future is bright, and there's going to be really awesome things down the line...There's a lot of stuff that's really exciting that will be happening after all of this is worked out."

The Instagram video actually marks the second time that Hill has taken to the internet to address the allegations against her lipsticks. In a YouTube video posted to her account, Hill addresses nearly all of the major complaints customers have been posting about on social media.

In the first video, Hill states that her lipsticks are safe for use and not hazardous in any way to consumers. Throughout the first part of the video, she adds documentation to the screen as proof. The brand owner then gets specific breaking down issues like oxygen bubbles in the lipsticks, people finding hair-like fibers, and a gritty texture when the lipsticks are applied.

Now, Hill has gone a step further than simply addressing the allegations against her product and is giving all Jaclyn Cosmetics customers a full refund of their purchases. While a quality customer service measure, Hill's cosmetics line appears to be on the back burner for now given the quality control measures that the YouTuber states are being implemented. However, Hill does make clear that her brand isn't going away.

Now, it's just a matter of when it will return and if customers will continue to shop.