8 Things To Know About Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Before The Launch

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics/Instagram

You know that gif of the woman from Titantic explaining that it's been 84 years since the ship sank? That's basically how people felt about Jaclyn Hill's cosmetics line, but now, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' So Rich nude lipsticks are coming, and they're coming soon.

Hill has been transparent about her desire to create a cosmetics line discussing it on social media and in Q&A videos on her YouTube channel. In the reveal video for her eponymous brand, she reveals that she began the process of meeting with labs all the way back in 2014. Unfortunately, that meeting didn't go so well for Hill. The lab in question never returned her calls after she explained her vision for her future brand. The loss was clearly theirs as Hill is now launching her brand to tons of internet fanfare. Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics hasn't even launched yet, but the brand's Instagram account has nearly half a million followers, and her announcement video is sitting pretty at over 3.1 million views.

Given that Hill's brand is in its infancy (at least publicly), there is a lot for shoppers to remember. Where can you buy the brand? How much is it? Will there be more? Here are the 8 things you need to know about Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics before it launches.

1. Where Can You Buy Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics?

Hill's brand will be sold exclusively on the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics website. However, fellow YouTubers like Jeffree Star and MannyMUA now have their brands in stores like Morphe and Sephora. Down the road, there could be the possibility that Hill's will be as well.

2. When Does Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Launch?

According to Hill's announcement video, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics will launch May 30 at noon ET.

3. What's In Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics?

For her initial launch, Hill chose to create a 20 shade collection of nude lipsticks from ultra-pale pinks to deep chocolate hues. Long term fans of Hill's were likely not surprised by the news that she'd be beginning with lipsticks. Back in January, the new brand owner gave a massive hint that lippies would be her first product in an Instagram Q&A.

4. How Much Are The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics So Rich Lipsticks?

Individually, the So Rich lipsticks will retail for $18.

5. Can You Buy All 20 Lipsticks?

Yes! Hill will be selling all 20 lipsticks in a bundle called the Power Nudes Collection. If you want to snag all of the shades, the collection will retail for $295. If you were to buy all 20 shades individually, you'd be spending $360. Hill is giving you a massive $65 with the bundle.

The Power Nudes Collection, however, isn't the only bundle. The guru is also releasing three different trios that will retail for $49 each which is a $5 discount per bundle.

6. Are Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' So Rich Lipsticks Cruelty Free Or Vegan?

Yes! Hill's lipsticks are cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA.

7. Why Did Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Launch With Lipstick?

Hill says in her video that people asked why lipsticks and why nude lipsticks specifically. She has the perfect answer. She explains that when she thinks of makeup, lipstick is what comes to mind. She considers lipstick to be a "core" product, and she wants her to brand to be, "a core brand where you can go to for your products that you need and you can't live without."

8. Will There Be More Coming From Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics?

Yes! In her announcement video, Hill explains that she doesn't want her brand to just disappear after the first launch. Near the end of her video, Hill says, "Hang on tight, guys, because there's a lot coming...I have so many exciting things coming."

If you wanted to know all the details about Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics and its initial launch, here they are. However, according to Hill, you should keep your eyes peeled because there's more where this came from.