Jaclyn Hill Hinted At The First Product In Her Makeup Line YEARS Ago

YouTubers cross milestones with every new millionth view, but when views turn into product launches, they’ve totally new career goals. Jaclyn Hill just revealed the Jaclyn Cosmetics line in a YouTube video. And it’s as sparkly as any JH fan could have imagined.

The makeup guru published a video on May 23 called “Introducing Jaclyn Cosmetics.” The video is a tell-all about how Hill came to start the brand and the many challenges that came with it. However, once Hill opens the LED-lit Jaclyn Cosmetics PR box, it’s literally like the heavens just opened while 20 shades of her lipstick collection lie in the encasing.

“We are launching with 20 shades of all nude,” Hill says in the video. "I wanted to create a line that has every undertone you could think of for every skin tone you can think of."

The beauty mogul explains that the formula is “so creamy and so buttery” that it was natural to name it the So Rich Lipstick Collection. Hill further reveals that the line is American-made, cruelty-free, and features ingredients like avocado oil and collagen. Plus, each lipstick retails for $18 while the trio bundles offered retail for $49. Both will be available only online at

Hill mentions the reason she decided to begin with lipstick and why in particular she chose to only offer all nude shades.

“Why not? Everyone needs a nude,” Hill says in the video. “When I think of makeup, I think of lipstick.”

Fans will find a shade in the lineup to match every one of their nude needs. "Nude AF" is the lightest shade in the bunch, which Hill describes as "a nude nude" with neutral undertones that gives the wearer a legit pout.

"I figured this is a shade that everybody needs no matter what color skin tone you have because it's perfect to pop on the center of your lips."

Shoppers can also expect shades "Amazeballs", "Obsessed", "That Girl", "Isla" (the pinky nude shades), "Hustle", "Cheeky", "Perfectionist", "Hot Toddy", "Sofia" (the mauve nude shades), "Tipsy", "Gossip", "Decaf" (rosy brown shades), "Fussy" (purple undertone), "Badass", "Independent", "Ambition", "Control Freak" (brown nude shades), and "As If" (a cool nude).

Hill dedicated the last shade in the line to her mother who created her own shade literally named "MOM". However, it's the only shade in the collection that isn't nude, but rosy with a purple undertone.

"My mom's vision behind this was to create a lipstick that looked just like her lip color, but just better," Hill says in the video. "I want everyone to be able to find their shade in here that is your nude."

Hill went on to explain that her cosmetics line was a long time coming, but that she was facing setbacks.

“I had my first meeting with my first lab in 2014,” Hill revealed, “sat down and said ‘I’ve saved $80,000 and I want to start a makeup line and I want to order hundreds of thousands of units.’ They laughed at me, they didn’t return my calls, they didn’t answer any of my emails, and that’s how it got started.”

It may have taken a while for Jaclyn Cosmetics to come to fruition, but without falling a couple times, Hill wouldn't have created an inclusive product that could be a staple piece in everyone's makeup bag.