Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe Palette Is Coming In June

Drop everything: Jaclyn Hill just announced her Morphe collaboration release date. After creating a large amount of hype back in January with just one swatch, fans won't have to wait much longer before they know when can start experimenting with the entire eyeshadow palette.

If you're thinking that waiting nearly six months since the makeup guru gave her fans a little teaser was long, imagine how long it took to create this palette! According to Morphe's Instagram, Hill worked with the makeup company for the past two years to create a revolutionary palette with a brand new formula. This eyeshadow palette includes 35 new shades that will have a new texture, application, and feel. With a palette like this, you'll be able to create any type of eye look you desire, says Hill.

With all that hard work from Hill and Morphe along with a brand new palette with a new formula, how could you not want to get your hands on this palette? As if you couldn't wait any longer to play with these mystery shades, Hill took to her Instagram to announce that she'll be announcing the exact release date on June 5, which will be later in June. As soon as everyone knows when they can get it, fans will for sure be buying out the entire stock!

The YouTube makeup artist has been spending a ton of time working on this palette for her fans.

What shades do you think will be in this palette? I'm dying to know!

Hill first announced her collaboration back in January, which means her fans have been patiently waiting for the big reveal!