Jade Weighs In On Nick & Liz's Pre-'Bach' Hookup

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the biggest plot lines so far on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor is that he already knows one of the contestants — Nick and Liz hooked up at Jade and Tanner’s wedding at the beginning of 2016. Liz came on for a second chance at a relationship with Nick, just as this is Nick’s fourth chance at love on a Bachelor series. It happens. While previews for the rest of the show demonstrate that the other women on The Bachelor aren’t 100 percent OK with Liz and Nick’s dalliance, one person is. Jade and Liz are childhood best friends, and Jade doesn’t think that Liz’s hookup with Nick pre-Bachelor is a big deal.

Liz and Jade have known each other since kindergarten, and Liz was her maid of honor at her wedding. Liz and Nick hit it off at the nuptials (which were televised, of course), and then they really hit it off that night. At the time, Nick did ask for Liz’s number and she declined, which Nick called her out on when they spoke on the show. Why now? Why here? Why not a year ago when they first met? Liz didn’t really have any great answers for that, really, but Jade seemed unphased about it all. As she tells it, Jade and Tanner’s wedding was really, really romantic for more couples than just Jade and Tanner and Nick and Liz.

I think it’s time for Jade to write a tell-all book, because I need to know everything that happened and everyone who hooked up at their wedding. Like, I need to know right now, because I love gossip when it does not involve me. I would have the first pre-order for that book, Jade, so if you’re reading this, DM me so you can take my money.