What Does Jade Think Of Liz Being On 'The Bachelor'? She's Rooting For Her BFF

When it comes to The Bachelor premiere there are few things I can imagine that are more awkward than getting out of a limo and trying to make a memorable impression on a complete stranger you're hoping to marry — except maybe that stranger not being a stranger at all. This time around, Liz, one of Nick Viall's contestants already has a very interesting history with him after she met him at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding last year. So how does Jade feel about Liz being on The Bachelor this season? So far, her feelings are pretty vague, but definitely seem positive.

As Liz — who just so happened to be Jade's maid of honor — tells it, she and Nick had a one night stand after the reception that didn't lead to anything more, mostly because she rejected him after he asked for her phone number the morning after. I know, I know, I can't imagine rejecting Nick either, but apparently, it happened. But, now, it seems Liz changed her mind and is back for more. Jade hasn't said much on the subject... save for one interesting tweet.

When a fan tweeted Jade about the situation, her reply made it seem like Jade's rooting for her friend for sure:

I'm super interested in what Jade's expanded feelings are — and if she had anything to do with Liz ending up on the show — but it looks like for now, she's keeping her lips zipped. My fingers are crossed that she'll open up eventually... or at least tweet more info as the season progresses. Could be likely if Liz sticks around for awhile!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out if Liz's history with Nick is going to be a benefit to her or a disadvantage. Guess it all depends on what happens after this first rose ceremony.