Jake & Amy Make The Most Intense ‘BK99’ Bet Ever

by Laura Rosenfeld
John P Fleenor/FOX

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Season 3 finale, Jake and Amy decided to move in together, but they've made very little progress in the relationship department since then. Well, unless you count Jake teaming up with Amy's dad to solve a years-old case during this season's brilliant Thanksgiving episode. Luckily, the couple picked the conversation back up during Part 1 of the show's Season 4 fall finale, which led to Jake and Amy making the most intense Brooklyn Nine-Nine bet ever.

Yes, the stakes were as high as ever for the 99th Precinct during the episode and not just because the fate of Jake and Amy's relationship (sort of) hanged in the balance. The two were inspired to place this bet in the first place because nine convicts escaped after their prison van overturned, and the Nine-Nine was tasked with capturing each and every one of them. Since Jake and Amy still hadn't decided whose apartment they wanted to move into because they each favored their own (Amy thought hers was bigger, nicer, and there's no black mold, while Jake prized his cooler and cheaper place in a hipper neighborhood), they thought it would be a good idea to leave the decision up to whoever could catch the most fugitives.

Jake and Amy seemed to pick the best teammates to help lead them to victory with Terry and Charles assisting each of them, respectively. Terry was #TeamJake all the way since he knew what it was like having to give up your own space and not have anywhere to paint in overalls anymore (you have to see the visual to believe it), while Charles couldn't wait for Jake to move in with Amy so that he could live closer to his best bud.

The two teams were neck-and-neck throughout the episode. Of course, a competition as fierce as this came with a ton of trash talking along the way.

And though it might not have been as explicit as the bet was going on, it was clear to see that there was a lot of love between Jake and Amy through how much they've changed one another since they started dating. For instance, Jake made a Harry Potter reference and admitted that he has started to read the whole series because Amy loves them so much. Later on in the episode, Amy showed her greater understanding of Jake when Terry revealed that he made a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles references as the pair searched for the final perp in the sewer. Amy defended her boyfriend by saying "he's gonsta think about the Turtles" while in the sewer. Duh.

Ironically, it was also in that sewer where Jake and Amy shared one of their most romantic moments ever. When the two stumbled upon who they thought was the last con they were looking for and read him his Miranda Rights, Jake stopped, said that he loved Amy, and he wanted to move in with her. He later explained to his girlfriend that he did so because her "happiness is worth way more than winning some stupid bet." Awwwwwww.

Unfortunately, that warm and fuzzy feeling I had inside after watching one of my favorite TV couples grow even closer, as well as one of the most immature characters experience a moment of some major personal growth, was short-lived. The guy that Jake and Amy thought was the final perp to catch was actually just the van driver the con threatened into helping him escape. No, the fugitive was still out there, and Jake had no choice but to enlist the help of his frequent adversary Doug Judy, aka the Pontiac Bandit (Craig Robinson), for help. With this new development, I had no idea what Part 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's fall finale would bring.