Jake Gyllenhaal As Mysterio In 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Is Twitter's Newest Obsession

To paraphrase the late Jackson Maine, the internet just wants to take another look at Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in the new Spider-Man sequel. After the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer dropped on Tuesday, Jan. 15, Mysterio quickly became Twitter's favorite new obsession. Those powers! That suit! The fishbowl helmet! Whether he's a super villain or a superhero, Mysterio has got all of our Spidey senses tingling.

Mysterio is a long-time foe of everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, as detailed by IGN. While he's taken on several different personas since his Spider-Man comic debut 55 years ago, Gyllenhaal is reportedly playing Mysterio's most famous alter-ego, Quentin Beck. Quentin is a former stuntman and special effects artist, who is known for fooling his adversaries with realistic illusions.

Out of all Spidey's rogue villains, he's considered one of the most dangerous. It's why everyone should be rather wary by the kindness he shows Peter Parker in this trailer. After all, this guy got his start in Hollywood and could have learned a thing or two about stagecraft.

Perhaps, that's why Mysterio also has always had a rather theatrical lewk in the comics that includes a wine-colored cape and helmet that looks like a fishbowl. It's one that Gyllenhaal recreates in the movie and honestly, it's a lewk that people are loving — often, to their own surprise.

"Okay but jokes aside, Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio???" Clarkisha Kent, aka @IWriteAllDay, tweeted. "Like...I was clowning when I heard the announcement but the suit looks really good omg."

For another fan, Politico reporter Bill Kuchman, this costume was a sign that more movies should lean into their comic origins.

"Remember when superhero movies used to be afraid to make their characters look like the actual comic book characters?" he asked. "Here’s Mysterio in his full, fishbowl helmet awesomeness in #SpiderManFarFromHome." A clear sign that sometimes it's worth going OG even in these new takes.

While others thought Gyllenhaal's costume was just a real improvement on a look he rocked nine years ago.

"Jake Gyllenhaal straight up recycling his costume from Prince of Persia," Bustle's associate entertainment editor Olivia Truffaut-Wong tweeted. "Respect."

Twitter user @Killerquinn agreed that Gyllenhaal's outfit looked familiar and deserved respect. "nothing but respect for MY prince of persia," they wrote.

In short, Gyllenhaal is having his superhero glow-up with Spider-Man and Twitter is very into it. "Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio," @eliesaab tweeted along with a few screengrabs of the actor from the trailer. "That's it, that's the tweet." And honestly, that's enough.

For now, it's unclear whether this Mysterio will be using these powers for good or evil. Or, whether those bad guys he's fighting or even real or just of his own making. All Gyllenhaal will say is that his character will have a big effect on Peter Parker.

Last year while at CCXP in Brazil last year, Gyllenhaal hinted that Mysterio "teams up with the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and unfortunately, he has to make him become more than just a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.”

Looking at how Twitter's reacted to his brief appearance in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, it might take more than taking advantage of Spider-Man for the internet to lose interest in Gyllenhaal.