James Corden Wants To Play A Game With Donald Trump On His Show That Sounds Both Intriguing & Worrying

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The brilliant man who brought us the Late Late Night Show and Carpool Karaoke has yet another awesome segment up his sleeve. While speaking at 2017's Paleyfest, James Corden described the game he'd like to play with Trump if he ever paid his show a visit. Corden gave it the name "Stand By or Take It Back," and it sounds both intriguing and potentially cringeworthy.

The epic game would put Trump on a bit of a hot seat and require him to dig deep and reflect about the things he said on the campaign trail. Corden shared the details with the Paleyfest audience, explaining: "He’d have to say whether he’d stand by the statement or take it back." We all know that Trump has said some pretty unsettling things during his presidential run — like his plans to deport all of the "bad dudes," calling Black Lives Matter protestors "thugs," and all of his sexist and dismissive comments about women. As long as he's candid, it'll be interesting to see if he had any regrets.

I look forward to Corden's viral video clips of the games that he gets some of my favorite celebs to play, but this one straddles that fine line between hilarious and uncomfortable. We don't know the usually fun host's political alter ego too well, but I'd sure like to get to know him. And, we know Cordon's able to get through to George Michael and Bruno Mars, but can he handle the erratic behavior of Donald J. Trump?


I'm guilty for expecting my favorite celebrities to take Trump to task if ever given the opportunity to do so, and apparently so do a lot of other liberals. The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon received a ton of backlash after going a bit "soft" on the presidential candidate in a September interview, which was a bit unsettling to Corden. He thought that the criticism of Fallon taking a lighter interview approach with Trump instead of hitting him with the burning questions on many voter's minds was unfair.

But he opened up about his stance at Paleyfest, saying: "I don’t think anybody took Trump to task or asked him the questions that needed to be asked."

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As for his late night gig being edgy enough to handle politics, Corden said: “We’re not a political show, but you know where we stand." That very stance could be the very thing to stop Trump from wanting to participate. But, who knows... the President may want to get in touch with his entertainment roots once his extravagant golf trips become a bit boring for him.