'Jane The Virgin's Yara Martinez Teases Luisa & Rafael's Future

by Taylor Ferber
The CW

Maybe siblings Luisa (Yara Martinez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) on Jane the Virgin aren't on the best of terms. But this is the telenovela world, and twists of fate often lead to the most unpredictable happy endings. In the recent Season 3 finale, Luisa and Rafael had possibly their worst falling out yet. After getting sent to jail for Scott's murder, Luisa's lover Rose (Bridget Regan) attempted to get back in Luisa's good graces (as she always does) by driving a wedge between her and Rafael, saying her brother couldn't be trusted. Luisa learned this was true after checking Raf's medical records and discovering his cancer hadn't come back, even though he claimed it did to get Luisa to come home. Her discovery didn't end well.

After calling him out, Rafael claimed Luisa was delusional and demanded that she stay away from his family. Next thing he knows, a spiteful Luisa confronts him with a shredded document proving Rafael was written out of their father's will. Luisa then owns everything — the money, the hotel, basically Rafael's life. She wastes no time in getting her revenge, and kicks him out immediately. So where does that leave things for Luisa and Rafael? Yara Martinez hints that her character may get the warm, fuzzy, family feels she always wanted with her brother after all.

The CW

Over the phone, Martinez tries to explain what's ahead for Luisa without giving too much away. "I actually know what happens. Was I surprised? Um, yes," she says. "I felt like it’s been a long time coming." Like fans, Martinez is ready for her character to stop being a pushover (especially to Rose) and make her own demands. "As a fan, I do want to see Luisa stand up for herself and stop taking sh*t from people. I think it's necessary for her." And although Luisa certainly stands up to Raf, her anger towards him may just be temporary.

"I feel like Luisa just wants to be loved and she’d do anything for Rafael," Martinez says. "If he would be more open to her, it would probably help everyone." Hopefully, Luisa's lapse of judgement in turning against Rafael will eventually turn into an epic breakup and overdue eff-you to Rose. It's not too far-off.

Martinez recognizes Luisa's undying, underlying love for Raf (regardless of the events in the finale), but admits she wants her character to have a happy ending, even if it's with Rose. "As a romantic, part of me does want her to end up with Rose and have babies and be one big happy family with Raf," she says. "But that will never happen because Rose killed their father."

In the end, it'll most likely come to the head fans have been waiting for: Luisa will have to choose between Rose and Rafael once and for all. Although both relationships are toxic, fans know where Luisa's loyalties truly lie, and so, the siblings may reunite.

The CW

Speaking of reunions, how about that Jane/Rafael/Petra love triangle, eh? Martinez is here for it. "I think they’re doing a great job at bringing it back to that," she says. "They’re setting everything up really well." Martinez gets fans who are Team Raf. "I totally would ship them," she says about Rafael and Jane (Gina Rodriguez).

Martinez says fans should be as hopeful for Luisa and Rafael's future as they should be for Jane's future, even after her husband Michael's (Brett Dier) untimely death. "Jane is such a hopeful and strong character, and for her to be able to at least want [love again] is the beginning. That’s the beautiful message to put out there," she says. "People could fulfill a different side of Jane."

The uncertainty of happy endings is what keeps fans loving Jane. Straight out of a telenovela, I'd say.