Jared & Ivanka Apparently Take Spin Classes In The Dark So They Won’t Be Recognized

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The secret is out. While both Ivanka and her husband, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, reportedly love a good spin class, there's something unusual about the duo's fitness routine. Ivanka and Kushner prefer to exercise in the dark so as to avoid being recognized by would-be hecklers, according to a Washington Post report.

More and more members of the Trump administration have found themselves the subject of public protests, confrontations, and heckling in recent months. Less than a week after Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was heckled last month by protesters at a Mexican eatery in Washington, D.C., White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant whose owner and staff because of her connection to President Donald Trump and his policies. But some members of the administration reportedly go to great lengths to avoid such public confrontations, including members of his own family.

According to the Washington Post, Ivanka and Kushner haven't wanted to give up one of their favorite cardio workouts — spin class — despite the increasingly controversial nature of their White House gigs. To avoid being recognized, the couple reportedly takes early-morning classes at Flywheel, a studio that keeps the lights off throughout the class.

The Washington Post reported that Kushner left one such darkly lit class at Flywheel by quickly ducking into a "chauffeur-driven SUV" with "a baseball cap pulled down over his face."

While Ivanka only moved to D.C. following her father's election victory, she's apparently been fans of Flywheel, an indoor cycling and total body sculpting studio, for a while now. The president's eldest daughter (and senior advisor) once described herself as "a Flywheel girl" on Twitter way back in June 2014.

In fact, Ivanka has tweeted more than once about her love of Flywheel. In 2010, she tweeted that she was "in serious pain" after "a killer spin class" at Flywheel in Sag Harbor. In 2013, she touted the studio's classes as a part of her post-baby exercise routine, tweeting "Ouch!!" after her first post-baby class. In January 2014, she admitted to having been "destroyed by a Sunday morning spin class" at Flywheel. Later that same year, she tweeted the hashtag #flywheel with the confession that she was "crimson faced after a butt kicking spin class."

But while Ivanka and Kushner have apparently so-far avoided being confronted by protesters or hecklers at their spin class, the couple hasn't managed to avoid such public confrontations altogether. Roughly one hundred protesters greeted Ivanka in Syracuse, New York, with signs that read "Shame!" and "Ivanka, do you know where their children are?" when she showed up to discuss workforce development programs at a school on Monday, according to Protesters were voicing their outrage and criticism of the Trump administration's decision to separate migrant families at the border.

Protesters also greeted Ivanka in June when she attended a private fundraising event in California's Fresno County to help raise money for a PAC that was started by Vice President Mike Pence and Rep. Kevin McCarthy to support local Republican candidates.

Last year, hundreds of protesters held an LGBTQ dance party outside of the couple's Washington D.C. home after the Trump administration issued an executive order rolling back Obama-era protections. According to the Huffington Post, a number of protesters were angered over Ivanka's inaction despite earlier claims of being an "LGBTQ ally."

But it seems that even the threat of heckling and protesters isn't enough to stop Ivanka and Kushner from taking some me time away from the White House. Despite the increased fame and controversy that has come along with her father's presidency, Ivanka, who reportedly rides confidently under her own name on Flywheel's leaderboard when in class, has remained a loyal "Flywheel girl."