Even Lucius Malfoy Is Furious About Sean Spicer At The Emmys & He's Not Holding Back On Instagram

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While most celebrities were shocked to see Sean Spicer at the 2017 Emmys — seriously, did you see Veep's Anna Chlumsky's face when Spicey came out? — there was one actor who was straight-up appalled. Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs saw Spicer at an Emmys party and couldn't contain his distaste for the former White House press secretary. And Twitter couldn't be happier with Lucius Malfoy's takedown of Spicer.

Issacs wrote on Instagram that he went to the Netflix post-Emmys party to celebrate with friends, but was immediately put in a bad mood when he spotted "the poisonous purveyor of lies #SeanSpicer" at the bar. He was so taken back, he even shared a photo of himself looking confused while Spicer chatted people up behind him. "What were the Emmys thinking celebrating this modern day Goebbels, who was the thuggish face of Orwellian doublespeak just moments ago?" he wrote.

Isaacs followed that up with three "surprising" things he thinks people should know about Spicer, including that "he comes about up to [his] nipples" and "he doesn't think he should hide himself under a rock from shame for the rest of his life." And last but not least, Isaac wanted everyone to know Spicer is "deeply unattractive, from the inside out. Has the aura of a giant festering abscess. Strange, since he was so charismatic at the (elevated) podium." If you didn't already get what Isaac was trying to say, his hashtags certainly cleared it up: #TooSoon, #MuchTooSoon.

Isaacs wasn't the only person who felt this way. After Spicer's Emmy cameo that had him riffing on his claim about President Donald Trump's Inauguration Day crowd size — "This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys. Period,” he said to a mixed crowd — Twitter questioned why Spicer was there. Most were angry by the "normalization" of Spicer, who once said Hitler didn't use gas on the Jewish people, going as far to call his gas chambers "Holocaust centers."

"Sean Spicer on the Emmys is the Fallon patting Trump's head of the Emmys," Jezebel's Julianne Escobedo Shepherd tweeted. Bustle's Eddie Cepeda wrote that the one-time Trump staffer's appearance showed the Emmys aren't as progressive as the ceremony thinks it is. "Sean Spicer at the #Emmys?" Chicago Tribune columnist Britt Julious tweeted, "Doesn't take much for white men to be forgiven."

All of these reasons are why Twitter was so excited to see Isaacs show Spicer no mercy. He was just saying what so many were already tweeting. Many praised his comments, including Matt Bellassai, who referenced a certain Kris Jenner meme. Others used Harry Potter GIFs, because of course.

Fans couldn't deny that having it come from the actor who played Lucius Malfoy seemed fitting in some cosmic way. As one person commented on Instagram, "and this is from Lucius Malfoy, who knows a thing about pure bloods and fascism."

Someone else tweeted, "Who knew that Lucius Malfoy would be the voice of reason in all this." Seriously, who knew?

Probably not Emmys host Stephen Colbert, though he wasn't expecting the former press secretary (who resigned in July) to be welcomed on stage with open arms. CNN reported it was Colbert's idea to have Spicer on the Emmys and the mixed response was to be expected.

However, Spicer thinks people need to chill out. When the Associated Press asked about the response to his awards show cameo he reportedly said. “People are reading too much into this" and that they shouldn't take it so seriously. Fans would love to see Spicer tell Isaacs that to his face. Can't imagine Lucius Malfoy would like it one bit.