Why Sean Spicer's Surprise Emmy Appearance Should Make You Angry AF

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A familiar-but-unlikely face once again graced America's television screens on Sunday night. An infamous former White House Press Secretary made a cameo at this year's Emmy Awards, but many people seriously weren't ready to celebrate him. The reactions to Sean Spicer's Emmys appearance represent the full range of the political spectrum, showing that he's still just as divisive as when he worked in the White House.

Although the reaction from inside the room at the Emmys seemed mostly excited when Spicer appeared onstage via rolling podium, Twitter quickly seemed to reach an opposite consensus. Almost everyone seemed to be upset about it, and the reasons were nearly as numerous as the awards handed out Sunday night.

The most often repeated objection was that people just aren't ready to forgive Spicer. Though he's often viewed as a more sympathetic member of the Trump administration, people are forcing others to remember that he was still the mouthpiece of an institution that repeatedly lied to the American people. Including him in a ceremony that celebrates American culture seemed to advocate for Spicer's place in the zeitgeist, but many people feel that he shouldn't be rewarded for what he's done. Here are a few reasons why people had issues with Sean Spicer at the Emmys.

It Highlights A Double Standard...
...And Some Hypocrisy
It Was A Reminder Of Other Times The TV Industry Was Permissive Of The Trump Administration/Campaign
The Emmys Honored Spicer, Despite His Attacks On Journalism
Some On The Right Thought Spicer Sold Out
Few Were Ready To Laugh About Spicer
Some Argued It Sets A Scary Precedent
It Could Be A Dangerous Normalization Of Spicer's Actions
Some People Just Thought Spicer Stole The Spotlight

People were really unhappy about Spicer's appearance, which is understandable since the Emmys are one of a handful of chances Americans get these days to put politics aside for a few hours and indulge in pop culture.

However, his cameo also showed that Americans are still fired up against Trump and those who have supported his administration.