Jason & Kaitlyn's New IG Is The Most Engagement-Like Non-Engagement Photo You'll Ever See

Bachelor Nation favorites Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick have become a couple that fans (and friends) are rooting for. They've only been dating for a few months, but people are already on engagement watch. One of Jason and Kaitlyn's recent photos sparked engagement confusion that even Blake Horstmann fell for, and he is one of Jason's close friends.

The photo, posted by Kaitlyn on Instagram, was a People exclusive and it actually comes from a music video shoot for Brett Kissel's song "Drink About Me." Jason and Kaitlyn played themselves in the video, hanging out, kissing, and drinking in a tropical vacation. It's almost like the fantasy suite they would have had if they were on the same season of The Bachelorette.

In an interview with People, Jason joked, "The only awkward part for me was having my first ‘Fantasy Suite’ on camera." Bachelorette historians will recall that Becca Kufrin eliminated Jason right before the Fantasy Suite portion of their last date. In a Sept. 6 interview with People, Jason remarked, "Knowing I never had a ‘Fantasy Suite’ on The Bachelorette, I got my first one on set of the music video."

This music video knocked out a few birds with one stone. They got their own Fantasy Suite scenario and, it seems, some practice with engagement photos. Kaitlyn posted a photo from the shoot to her Instagram page with a very vague caption, just using the music note emoji.

In response, Blake commented on Kaitlyn's post, "I was gonna be so mad if I found out through an Instagram post lol."

Blake wasn't the only one who got engagement vibes from the photo. Bachelor in Paradise alum and recently engaged Adam Gottschalk commented, "Is this photographer for hire?"

Another follower wrote, "You're either funny or engaged! Either way, I'm so happy for you." One fan asked, "Ken you not make everyone think you are engaged?!" Clearly, this person listens to Kaitlyn's Off the Vine podcast since "Ken you Not" is the title of one of her regular segments.

A different Instagram user described the reaction to this post with "Everyone frantically googles People." Anyone who did that search found out about the music video. Kaitlyn told People, "The awkward part for me was just kissing on camera." She even stated the obvious: "You’d think coming from the world of being on The Bachelor/Bachelorette we would be okay with cameras being around and making out but it was still awkward. I was like, ‘Stop watching us!'"

Even though Kaitlyn felt awkward during the shoot, the result was anything but awkward. She and Jason were the perfect fit for the video. The "Drink About Me" singer told People, "With this video concept, we needed a couple that has real legitimate chemistry, rather than having two actors meet on set and just hoping that sparks fly."

And the sparks were truly flying during this trip. Not only that, but it actually wasn't the first time that Jason and Kaitlyn fooled fans into thinking they were engaged. On July 31, Kaitlyn shared a photo of the two of them with the caption "Not Engaged."

Even with that clarification, her followers still jumped to conclusions and got excited about the idea of a proposal. It all comes full circle because that photo was from the Bahamas trip when they filmed the music video.

Kaitlyn and Jason are not engaged (yet), but at least they know that they will receive an excited reception when they are. They've already tricked fans twice. Maybe the third time will be the charm!?