OMG — You're Going To Fall In Love With Jason's Brother From 'Bachelorette'

Paul Hebert/ABC

On Monday night, Becca Kufrin's hometown dates finally began, and during the second one of the evening, a star was born. Twitter is obsessed with Jason's brother on The Bachelorette, and after being introduced to him, it's easy to see why. Not only are he and his husband absolutely adorable, but his relationship with Jason is so sweet, and it seems like he may just end up being the favorite family member from this season's hometowns. Plus, he looks almost identical to Darren Criss.

Steven wasn't even on screen when his greatness first became evident. Talking to Becca toward the beginning of their date, Jason said that something he's really loved is watching his brother's marriage and the relationship that exists between them as a couple and Jason's family, and it's made him want the same thing. Then, he and Becca finally went to Jason's house, and America fell in love with Steven almost instantly.

Before the episode even started, it was almost inevitable that Steven was going to be the star of the show. He tweeted pointing out that he's Jason's brother, and honestly, it only got better from there — and by the way, his Twitter bio says, "Oh, and my brother is dating a lady on TV."

He also made a couple of other worthy contributions via Twitter during the episode, like this picture of his Bachelorette paycheck — clearly, his appearance really helped him rake in the big bucks.

And after Jason and Becca's date came to an end, he shared his true thoughts about Becca and filming for the show, which was actually pretty sweet.

Steven is a class act. Not only was he proud of his $40 payout, but he also had such positive things to say about Becca. So many points for that.

Obviously, Twitter couldn't stop talking about him after Steven's 15 minutes of fame, mostly talking about who he looked like. Many people had to compare him to Criss.

The Resemblance Is Striking

You have to admit that the resemblance is pretty wild, but some others thought that he looked like a different famous man who happens to be far more elusive than Criss.

Uh, Like This Guy

There were also others who pointed out that Steven is actually the best source of advice we've ever seen on this show, former The Bachelor and The Bachelorette stars included. What are the chances the show can book him for repeat appearances? Maybe Chris Harrison would appreciate the break if Steven feels like conducting the conversations between fantasy suite dates later this season.

And for a lot of people, seeing Steven and his husband was the highlight of Becca's season. It's easy to understand why — amidst all the drama, the heartbreak, and the dudes fighting (especially Jordan and David), seeing Steven and his healthy, happy marriage was very refreshing. This franchise can often come with a lot of bummers, but Steven being on screen was the opposite of that.

It Was So Pure

And honestly, at this point, is it even necessary to keep watching this season? It doesn't matter who Becca chooses, because Steven has already won The Bachelorette... and he didn't even know he was competing.

Sorry, other hometown dates; you just couldn't measure up to the adorable ray of sunshine that is Steven. No matter how you feel about Jason's compatibleness with Becca in the long run, it's awesome to see what a great support system he has and what a special relationship he and his brother have. Whoever marries into that, whether or not it ends up being Becca, is going to be a very lucky lady. Who wouldn't want Steven as their brother in law?