Jax & Brittany Just Revealed The 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Will Even Wilder Than You Thought

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

At the end of any season of Vanderpump Rules, real fans know that the drama will only begin come time for the reunion. But two of the Bravo reality series' stars, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, say the Vanderpump Rules reunion will be wild, maybe more so than ever before. (Which is really saying something considering Scheana once said a reunion was harder than her divorce.)

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, just a day after the couple's engagement party was the center piece for the Season 7 finale of Vanderpump, Jax and Brittany dished about next week's reunion. "I’ve seen some Housewives reunions and I don't think I've ever seen or heard of a reunion this bad. This was bad," Jax said to ET. "The amount of times that [I thought] 'I don't know how they're going to edit it. I really want to talk to the editors about the amount of cussing and drama and the amount of times Andy [Cohen] had to say, 'Shut the f*** up.' It was going crazy. The amount of walkouts, crying, breaks."

Jax saying this reunion will be even more drama-filled than your average Real Housewives of Atlanta or New Jersey reunion is quite the statement. But the reality star and soon-to-be-husband said he was shocked at how tense things got. "Our season was fine up until this!" Jax said during the same interview. "I was walking into the room thinking, 'This should be easy.' I never saw it coming. Everybody was holding everybody accountable for their actions this year."

Though Jax has been known to exaggerate some things in the past, his bride-to-be Brittany echoed his feelings about the three-part extravaganza. "This reunion is insane," Brittany revealed to ET. "People are going to see a side of me they've never seen. I scream at Sandoval and it was because he was [taking] James [Kennedy's] side, but James was being very, very rude to me that day and I got very offended. When you're someone's best man you should have his back, so that's why I screamed at Sandoval and he knows that."

She added in defense of her Kentucky brood, "You can only be picked at and say so many things before you go off, and once he started calling my family hillbillies, I was like, 'Oh no, no, no, no,'" she said to ET. "That's the one thing I cannot stand. I will ride or die for my family!"

James has made quite a few enemies during this season of Vanderpump Rules from body shaming Katie Moloney, resulting in his firing from SUR, to stirring the pot in Jax and Brittany's relationship by rapping about Jax's past infidelity with Faith. He was excluded from most trips, parties, and SUR events, even though he tried to better himself by not drinking anymore.

If Jax and Brittany's thoughts on the reunion are any indication, James is nowhere closer to joining the group. "I'm not going to let him affect me anymore like he did at the reunion," Brittany told ET. "It's not worth it." But Jax said he's still holding onto some resentment. "Anytime anyone mentions my father, I see red," he said. "All I want to do is start punching. It doesn't matter who says it, I just get so irritated. It was like, 'Man, it's just one thing after another with this guy.' He's just so relentless. He doesn't stop. It's almost like he's playing roulette because he's dodged a bullet so many times in the last seven years with so many different people. It angers me. I have a hard time turning my head."

The fallout from the reunion doesn't look "good as gold" either. Jax and Brittany said in the same interview that while the cast usually goes out for drinks post-taping, most people parted ways. Though the couple did mention they made time to grab some Taco Bell with Tom Schwartz and Katie.

One gets the feeling that this is something tacos alone won't be able to fix. Airing May 6, the reunion will be required for any Vanderpump Rules fan who needs another feud infusion following the whole "Fofty" ordeal.