These 'Pump Rules' Stars May Have Buried The Hatchet

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It looks like one of the greatest feuds in modern reality television is finally on the up-and-up. Have Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor and James Kennedy reconciled? Is this really happening? There's certainly proof that the two macho men are mending fences these days, with the most recent piece of evidence popping up on Taylor's Instagram. Late Friday, Taylor posted a Kentucky Derby pre-party photo which Kennedy commented on immediately. The quick exchange the two Vanderpump Rules stars had in the comments section implied these men have better things to worry about than fighting over petty drama.

Taylor captioned a red carpet photo of himself and his lovely girlfriend, fellow Vanderpump Rules star Brittany Cartwright, with a simple, "It's time to party!" At the top of the comments thread, however, thing got pretty interesting. None other than Kennedy slid in there, initially writing, "Dope shot! How's the weather? Haha," to which Taylor replied, "awful...vodka helps though! Good luck in NYC tonight!" That comment is a reference to the fact that Kennedy is DJ-ing in New York this weekend, instead of attending any Derby festivities.

The exchange was short, sweet, and supportive. It may not exactly be hardcore evidence that these two are besties, but there are plenty of ways this exchange could have gone sideways. We've seen what happens when Taylor and Kennedy get into a public tangle; this Instagram conversation is a much kinder affair.

But it wasn't just silly old me who noticed this exchange happening on Instagram. Taylor's comments lit up with fans taking notice of their kind exchange. "Woahhhh [Kennedy] & [Taylor] are buddies now, love it!! So jealous I'm not at the derby, have fun Brittany & Jax!" one commenter wrote. Another person simply wrote, "Lovely to see you two chatting it up!"

While majority of the comments expressed surprise and even a slight bit of confusion about whether this was the beginning of a new era for Kennedy and Taylor, there was of course a few people wishing this wouldn't last. "You guys better be back to hating each other by the time season 6 starts filming," one person chimed in, "[o]r it will be boring as f*ck."

Now, I think that's a bit dramatic. Why wish for a friendship to turn sour? If anything, Kennedy and Taylor's newfound friendship would probably make the next season of Vanderpump Rules the most interesting yet.