This Photo Of Jax Taylor & James Kennedy Will SUR-tainly Intrigue 'Vanderpump Rules' Fans

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Just yesterday, I floated a few wishes for Vanderpump Rules Season 6 out into the universe, fully prepared to wait until the premiere before I got answers. Well, it looks like at least one of my wishes may be coming true already. On Thursday night, the self-declared number one guy of Pump Rules tweeted a photo that stopped my scrolling thumb dead in its tracks. And it is a photo of Jax Taylor and James Kennedy talking at SUR. “So ran into this guy tonight after my shift at @SurRestaurant,” the Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky star wrote, “are we fighting or are we deep in convo?”

Well, which is it, Jaxypoo? Hm? Are you hollering at each other about the Siege at the Study? Are the loogies on Kristen Doute’s door the subject of your heated conversation? Is this another Pumptini spat? Are you debating about jealousy, opportunity, and DJing again? Or have you found a whole new topic to scream at each other about?

Or maybe I have it all wrong. Is this actually a happy conversation? Are you having a laugh like pals? Have you realized you were always meant to be buddies? Did the Season 6 reunion heal your relationship? Did the few moments of levity you shared at the reunion bring you together? Was post-season special the foundation of the house that is your newfound friendship? Was the Season 6 reunion the start of something new?

HSM-Fan HighSchoolMusical on YouTube

I hope that SUR-mthing has changed, that they’ve never felt this way. And right here last night, this could be start of SUR-mthing new. It feels so right to be here with this pic of Taylor and Kennedy. And now, looking at this pic, I feel in my heart the start of SUR-mthing new.

You're so welcome for the Vanderpump Rules-themed High School Musical song parody.