Jax’s ‘Hollywood Medium’ Reading May Make You Rethink His Behavior On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

E!; Jax Taylor/Twitter

At times, Jax Taylor's arc on the most recent season of Vanderpump Rules has been tough to watch. That's why Jax's Hollywood Medium reading was so surprising. Pump Rules stars Jax and Tom Sandoval appeared on E!'s Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry on Wednesday night, and the bartender showed off a wildly different side of himself. During Jax's time with the Hollywood Medium, he was quiet, introspective, and warm. Instead of screaming at Pump Rules costar Brittany Cartwright or yelling at producers to focus on his friends' various misdeeds in place of his own, Jax actually listened to what Tyler Henry had to say to him. It was impressive and strangely moving.

This season, Jax's personal life on Vanderpump Rules appears to be in disarray: He's evidently struggling with his own anger, wrestling with his life choices, and having a hard time explaining his newfound interest in reiki. Based upon his reading from Henry, it seems like Jax must have found something that worked. He was calm and thoughtful, and he asked Henry questions about his communications.

In fact, Jax was affected enough by his experience to tweet about it after the episode aired. "I really liked my reading," the reality star wrote, "[Tyler Henry] is a great guy and really enjoyed it." Jax continued that he "would love to go back soon to find out about my dad," whom he lost at the end of 2017, because, "that would be emotional as hell."

During Jax's Hollywood Medium reading, Henry channeled Jax's late grandmother. And apparently, Jax's stubbornness seems to be hereditary. Henry explained that in communicating with Jax's grandmother, it became obvious that she had one thing to say: Leave grandpa alone. OK, so, that's paraphrasing. But as Henry spoke with Jax's grandmother, and came to understand more about her relationship to Jax's grandfather, the picture shifted into focus.

As it turns out, Jax's family has been struggling to move his grandfather into an assisted living facility. He's aging and lives by himself; they're understandably worried about him. But Jax's grandfather is digging his heels in, and the spirit of his grandmother says that it's OK. Jax is obviously feeling conflicted about how to handle his grandfather — he wants him to be well, but not unhappy — and clearly finds some relief in his Hollywood Medium reading. Through Henry, Jax discovers that his grandmother knows how frustrating this experience has been for him and his extended family, and she's given permission for them to stop trying. There's some solace in that — the message that it's OK to just let things be as they are.

The Hollywood Medium appearance is not Jax's first foray into holistic healing measures. So far on Vanderpump Rules, he has gotten deeply into reiki and meditation, and he's learning more about working with crystals. Longtime girlfriend Brittany might be questioning his methods on television, but Jax has clearly found some formula — some combination of holistic methods and actual therapy that he'll return to in the next episode of Pump Rules — that appears to be helping him.

It's refreshing to see Jax so soothed, or at least placated by his Hollywood Medium reading. His behavior in Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules has been unsettling at best. Seeing him so calm, emotive, and actually listening to what another human has to say to him feels downright reassuring. Jax can learn. Jax can grow. Jax still feels, even if he has a tendency to disguise it by yelling and throwing other people's cell phones.

The full episode of Hollywood Medium that features Jax and Tom Sandoval is available online for those with cable log-ins. But even just the small clips above prove that this was an intense experience for Jax and Tom. Maybe Tyler Henry will be added to the cast of Vanderpump Rules if Jax really does leave to take that job in Tampa. Stranger things have happened on the show.