There's No Way Jax Actually Quit SUR — Here's The Proof

Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network

In what might be the least surprising Vanderpump Rules twist of all, it looks like Jax Taylor did not take that hockey job in Tampa. Oh, and he did not leave Los Angeles. And finally, there are clues that Jax may still work at SUR. The robot bartenders have yet to get the best of him.

A few episodes ago, Jax told girlfriend Brittany Cartwright that he received a job offer. The position would involve hockey, social media, client relations, marketing, and relocating to Florida— all things Jax was jazzed about. Brittany, on the other hand, was not exactly keen on the idea of moving across the country. Even so, Jax seemed ready to throw his electronic drum kit, cooler scooter, and healing stones in a U-Haul and hit the highway.

If the Great Stassi Schroeder Exodus of 2014 proved anything, it’s that long distance and Pump Rules go together like a container of beer cheese and a plate of SUR’s seared ahi tuna. It doesn't work. So, if Jax were to take the job and move to Tampa, he would probably end up pulling a Lauren Conrad and leave the reality TV masterwork he helped build. It’d be a bitt-SUR-sweet change for all.

But again, there's no need to worry: Jax is still in Los Angeles, he probably didn't take that social media/client relations/marketing role in Tampa, and he's still spending time at Ye Olde Sexy Unique Restaurant. Here are some clues that suggest Jax has kept things as is.


Brittany Made It Sound Like Jax Never Accepted The Tampa Job

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Brittany addressed a caller’s inquiry regarding whether or not the position in Tampa actually existed in the first place. She confirmed that it was real, but that she “just didn’t know what the job entailed.” She continued,

“It was never a thing where I knew what was going to happen, how much money he was going to make, if it was something worth us moving, it was never anything like that. But I do know that he was at least asked about something.”

But uh, that something apparently never turned into anything. And how can we be so sure he did not skip town for Tampa? Keep scrolling.


He Grocery Shops In L.A.

Gelson’s is a Southern California supermarket chain. It is not in Tampa.


He’s Been Going To A Gym In L.A.

Sweat Garage is a gym located in West Hollywood. It is not in Tampa.


He Encounters L.A. Parking Signs

It doesn’t get much more L.A. than that.


He Enjoyed The Rain In L.A.

The only thing more L.A. than griping about parking is celebrating the rare rain day.


He & Brittany Watched March Madness Games At Barney’s Beanery

Let’s try this one more time: The only things more L.A. than griping about parking are celebrating the rare rain day and hanging out at Barney’s Beanery.

You don’t exactly have to be a Kristen Doute-level internet sleuth to figure out that Jaxy still lives in Los Angeles. But as for the SUR of it all? That’s a little trickier. Let's see what social media has to offer.


He Ate Some SUR Leftovers

Did he acquire these leftovers after a shift at SUR? Or did he bring them home after enjoying a meal at the restaurant as a patron? Or did Brittany surprise him with the leftovers after one of her shifts at the eatery?


He Wore A Black Button-down To SUR

A black button-down is one of the go-to SUR-tender looks. Of course, he could’ve just put a black button-down shirt on before we went to go visit Brittany while she was waiting tables. It could’ve been nothing more than a Sexy Unique Coincidence. But what if it wasn’t?


A Customer Spotted Him At SUR

But what was he doing there? Hm? Hm?


He Recently Tweeted About When The Cast Goes To SUR

And by “fun,” does he mean “scheduled work shift” or “casual pop-in during a day off”?


He Tweeted About SUR’s Brunch Menu

Smells like an employee tweet. Er wait, maybe that's bacon? Hard to say.

Whether he's actually working at SUR or just hanging out at LVP's iconic establishment, here's one thing that's for sure: The Jax Era of SUR is far from over.