The Newest Viral Nail Trend Is Like '90s Jelly Shoes For Your Fingers

True '90s kids will remember the see-through blowup couches and jelly sandals that took over the era. Now you can carry the nostalgia with you on your nails. As Teen Vogue found, jelly nails are clear, neon designs that are taking social media by storm. Between the colors and the designs, you won't know what era it is after seeing the photos.

All the best throwbacks come when you're least expecting it, and this trend is proof. Beauty lovers have been getting super long acrylic nails that are see-through — aka jelly. The designs show the entire natural nail underneath and then are clear on the tips.

The beauty trend comes in all different sizes and colors, so just about anyone can get in on the trend. People have been loving the neon colored jelly nails on social media. Although there are some people who stick to clear of glitter designs, all colors look incredibly nostalgic.Basically, there's no way not to nail this trend. Whatever color you choose or size that you fancy is going to rack up those Instagram likes.

If your local salon isn't on the trend just yet, you can do it right in your own home. All you have to do is buy clear fake nails on Amazon, and then paint the tips of them your favorite color. You can even buy glass nails on Etsy. There are tons of ways to nail the trend — pun intended.

Like all good trends, not everyone is on board with jelly nails. The major flaw that some people see in the nails is that you can see you actual nail underneath. But, like, how are you supposed to get the blow-up chair effect, if you can't?

The trend first popped up when Kylie Jenner and her friends posted a nail selfie on Instagram. Two of the girls had purple nails, and the third showed off neon pink clear nails with a Nike swoosh on the pinky nail. Some people are saying that Jenner brought the trend, while others think it came from somewhere else on the internet. Either way, jelly nails exist.

Other people are hands-down obsessed with the look. Check out some of these Twitter nail art photos, so you can get some inspiration of your own. Be warned: you'll want to run out and get these done after seeing them. Because something this nostalgic deserves to be celebrated.

Clear and glitter? There's no better way to throw it back to the '90s. You don't even need color to nail the trend.

If this isn't dedication to the trend, then I don't know what is. Hopefully, they get to the salon before the next nail trend rolls in.

Let's just call this one as great minds think alike.

You don't need neon colors to nail the trend, either. This bright red color look absolutely incredible. And yes, we are jelly.

I'm just going to set this right here. It's never too early to bring back the '90s.

This is proof that any color jelly nails look incredible. Prints even look incredible when they're see-through. Just look at that watermelon nail art on the end.

Some brands are even selling press ons. Unfortunately, this brand is already sold out of every single color.

Go ahead and add some accessories too. You really can't go wrong.

That about sums it up for you.

Whether you love the trend or absolutely hate it, these nails will definitely bring he nostalgia. Taking the trend with you everywhere you go is really just a bonus.