This New Clothing Line Will Make You Think You're In The 2000s — But In A Good Way

It's no longer enough for our favorite YouTubers to make fashion haul videos or beauty to simply swatch makeup. Now, they're setting their sights for something bigger and more exciting — actual cosmetic, fashion, and lifestyle lines. The next top YouTuber to turn her name into a tangible brand is Jenn Im with her fashion line, Eggie. Starting her vlogging career in 2010, Im's been collaborating with top-name brands like Calvin Klein and ColourPop Cosmetics for seven years. Creating her own line was a natural next step in her evolution.

Her vision was to create a brand that designed for people who liked to reinvent their look on a daily basis and didn't want to be boxed into just one style.

"My goal with this line is to push the boundaries of fashion, and include a selection of gender fluid pieces that are inclusive for all," Im writes on her website.

Her first collection under her label Eggie came out in August of this year, featuring summer staples like gingham jumpsuits, sheer white blouses, and '90s inspired strappy dresses. But summer is over and done, and fans need a new capsule wardrobe to keep them warm and chic during the brutal winter months. And Im has them covered.

The 19-piece sophomore line is available exclusively on Eggie, and debuted on Nov. 16 so you could already shop. The new collection is inspired by early Noughty trends, and includes pieces like twilled pants with hardware and long sleeve embroidered tees. The sizes are limited to straight sizes and haven't expanded into the plus-size market yet. The line has a price point ranging from $19-$72. To give you an idea what the second capsule collection offers, you can shop some of it below.

Wrap Top

Wrap Top, $32, Eggie

With a square neck and a stretch jersey material, this shirt has an open back with a wrap around tie. It has a definite throwback grunge feel to it.

Late Shift Trouser

Late Shift Trouser, $68, Eggie

These high waist pants are available in either army green or black, and are made out of a heavy cotton twill that's accented with a gold detachable chain. Reminiscent of the pants you used to beg your mom to buy you from your favorite stores, these look extra 2000's when paired with Chucks or Vans.

Love Letter Romper

Love Letter Romper, $35, Eggie

While it looks like an oversized tee, this is actually a secret romper that has a pair of incognito shorts underneath. The print on the tee looks like an old-school Xerox from two decades ago, and it features actual love letters to Im.

“The graphic on the romper is an image of two love letters I received from my first boyfriend when I was thirteen and from a crush at summer camp," says Im. "We added layers and omitted some, overall distorting the pieces in post-production."

Two-Tone Hoodie

Two Tone Hoodie, $58, Eggie

Why choose a hoodie with one color when you can have two? This oversized hoodie is an asymmetrical two tone sweater with kangaroo pockets that comes in a super soft cotton fleece. The ultimate feel-good sweater for cold weather.

The Dot Jumpsuit

The Dot Jumpsuit, $68, Eggie

If you want something a little more feminine, this polka dot high waist jumpsuit with wide shoulder straps could be just the ticket. It has an open back, but works for cold weather when paired with a cuddly turtleneck.

This early-2000's line could be just the thing to add a nostalgic twist to your winter wardrobe. From polka dots to chains, it has it all.