Jenna Dewan's Daughter's Hilarious Christmas List Will Definitely Make Your Day

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everly Tatum doesn't want a lot for Christmas, but there are a few things she'd like to see under her tree next month. Like what? Well, Jenna Dewan posted her daughter's Christmas list to Instagram on Tuesday night, Nov. 27, so social media users everywhere can take a peek at Everly's glorious lineup of gift requests. Let's just say, this kid has some very, uh, creative ideas for Mr. Claus.

"Got that Santa?" quipped Dewan, captioning the IG photo of perhaps the most wonderfully ambitious, imaginative, and totally heartwarming wish list the internet's seen in a while. The list belongs to Everly, Dewan's 5-year-old daughter, who she shares with her ex, Channing Tatum. Now, Everly might not have physically penned this sweet bullet-point letter to Santa herself — she's 5, remember? — but the list still has her name all over it. (Literally. See those bright red markings at the bottom of Dewan's post? That's Everly's signature.)

Beyond just her sign-off, those who know a thing or two about Dewan and Tatum's daughter are probably well-aware that Everly's Christmas wish list is, in its entirety, aggressively Everly. (It also might be one of the cutest specimens of early-onset holiday spirit you'll see all season.) First off, the wish list itself is hot pink, which seems remarkable enough in its own right. Second, it touts a couple of running themes, ones that appropriately line up with Everly's real-life interests: fairies, unicorns, mermaids, and princesses.

So, maybe Dewan's daughter gleaned some of these ideas from her friends at fairy camp, but it also seems pretty safe to say this inventive little one might have a future in toy manufacturing for the next generation. Highlights from Everly's Christmas wish list include: a flying fairy, a fairy playhouse for the fairy garden, and a fairy wand "that talks to you." And the fantastical wishes didn't stop there. In keeping with the magical pattern, Everly also asked Santa for "cozy wings," "rainbow wings (big ones)," and a "winged unicorn stuffed animal." Of course, that, in addition to "a few surprises that are fairy, unicorn, mermaid, princess things." Obviously. Everyone taking notes here?

According to a recent report from the Daily Mail, published Wednesday, it looks like Dewan and Everly went shopping for a Christmas tree earlier this week, too. Who knows whether the tree-chopping experience inspired Everly's stacked wish list or what, but either way, it seems pretty clear she's kicking off this year's holiday season the right way. And not only with mom — Everly actually cropped up on her dad's Instagram Story over the weekend, just a few days after Thanksgiving. "I really need to get this off!" Everly reportedly explained in one of Tatum's IG Story videos, referencing the DIY slime she and dad were messing around with during a father-daughter hangout sesh Sunday afternoon.

Maybe the conversational fairy wand could help with that? As complicated as Dewan and Tatum's Christmas shopping experience is going to be (where do you find a "princess vacuum" distributor?), let's hope someone goes ahead and saves Everly's sweet wish list for years to come.