Jennifer Lopez Receives A Ton Of Valentine's Day Flowers, But Is Drake Her Secret Admirer?

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

J. Lo basically just got a lifetime supply of flowers. Allow me to clarify. Jennifer Lopez received a ton of Valentine's Day flowers, she revealed in an Instagram posted Tuesday, Feb. 14. Alongside the image she captioned it with thirteen red rose emojis. I think that's her way of expressing happiness and gratitude to the anonymous individual(s) who sent her such luxurious bouquets, in addition to a delicious looking chocolate cake.

Thanks to the beautiful, yet mysterious, picture, I'm sure many are wondering who her secret admirer is. Unfortunately, that has yet to be unveiled. The most obvious guess as to who sent Lopez the flowers is Drake, who she has been romantically linked to since December 2016. Yes, reports were circulating in early February that they've called it quits for now, but that doesn't mean the rapper can't still send her something on V-Day, right? Plus, those rumors haven't even been confirmed, so there's still a high chance that this was his way of saying, "Happy Valentine's Day," especially since he's away on tour right now.

Per the Daily Mail, Drake spent Valentine's Day with twins Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta in London, where he is currently on tour. FYI, Drizzy and the twins have apparently been friends for awhile now. None of this means that Drake didn't send Lopez the flowers. Of course, it also doesn't prove that he did.

Though, there's always a possibility. As far as I can tell, Lopez sure does adore Drake. "I love Drake he's so brilliant, talented, amazing," she told E! News. She also confessed that they recorded a song together and that there were "creative sparks." She gushed, "Yes, absolutely we hung out, we have a great time. He's amazing. I have so much love for that boy."

Basically, Drake is a strong candidate.

If they're not from Drake, then who could have possibly sent the Shades of Blue star all of this love in the form of flowers and cake? Well, she and her ex-husband Marc Anthony are still pretty close, so he could've wanted to make sure the mother of his children enjoyed the holiday. Then there's her BFF Leah Remini. Remember, Galentine's Day is just as important as Valentine's Day. Or, maybe they're from her twins, Emme and Max? Who says your kids can't send you flowers for Valentine's Day?

Another option is that the flowers are from multiple people and not just one person. I mean, Lopez seems to be loved by all, so she's probably used to having a fulfilled Valentine's Day.

The possibilities are endless, but who else is hoping they're all from Drake? I mean, he is rumored to be an over-the-top gift giver.