Jennifer Lopez Wore Boots That Look Like Pants & Of Course She Pulled It Off

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Since jeans are such a classic staple in everyone's wardrobes, designers have a fun time reinventing them into unexpected and innovative styles. Some of them are so out-of-the-box that some people can't imagine ever wearing them, but there are always a forward-thinking few that take them head-on. One of those people are Jennifer Lopez who wore boots that look like jeans. That doesn't mean that they were denim covered thigh-highs — they literally looked like denim pants, just without the seat or waist. She essentially wore jean legs, and it creates an intriguing optical illusion and philosophical question: Is J Lo wearing pants, or not?

Lopez's Versace boots are perfect for anyone who dislikes pants, giving jean haters a loophole when it comes to wearing the style without being confined into tight silhouettes. The artist stepped out in New York City wearing Chanel shield sunglasses, an over-sized button down shirt that hit mid thigh, and a pair of thigh high boots that made it look like her pants were falling. But in a chic, designer kind of way.

They include all the features of a normal pair of jeans, including belt loops at the top with a leather belt threaded through, pockets behind the knees, and a brand patch by the "waist," (which, in this case, is the top of the boot and is a Medusa head — the label's symbol.) They were definitely experimental and fashion-forward, to say the least.

The boots in question came from Versace's Resort 2019 collection, which, according to Vogue, had an "extravagant baroque-pop spin." The '80s were alive in this collection, where big gold buckle belts that cinched pencil skirts that sat high at the waist, and which were paired with plaid berets that sat jauntily skewed on models' heads. Wide shoulder "working women" blazers were tucked into these skirts and accented with gold brooches. Leather and a Clueless-like plaid motif reigned supreme in this line, but there was also a sporty undercurrent in some of the pieces. '90s logos came out and were splashed on over sized fanny packs and tailored hoodies, and Versace's denim pieces echoed that same vibe.

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Tiny denim short shorts were paired with a cropped, baggy denim jacket, with a jean beret, and the tell-tale slouchy pant boots that J. Lo snapped up. The whole context behind the boots is that they were meant to be part of a very retro, '90s-esque collection that brings Versace back to its roots, and Lopez gave them a modern spin by incorporating them into her own aesthetic.

Twitter, of course, had some thoughts. Some people swore they thought Lopez got pantsed and that the paparazzi caught it.

Others felt like Rihanna could totally pull them off, too, because one can't have a conversation about fashion without including Rihanna in it.

Many followers came to Lopez's defense, saying that it's awesome to see designers try something new and that celebs dabble with out-of-the-box styles.

Whether you love them or hate them, they're definitely unique. And what's fashion all about other than experimenting?