Jeremiah Danvers Returns On 'Supergirl' But His Escape From Cadmus Can't Be Trusted

Dean Buscher/The CW

While a lot happened this week on Supergirl in terms of relationships, the Project Cadmus plot is really heating up next week. Not only that, but Jeremiah Danvers is back on Supergirl. The only question is, did he escape or is his return a trap?

The last time we saw Alex's father and Kara's adopted guardian, he helped Kara and Mon-El escape Lillian Luthor and Cyborg Superman. He didn't want to leave with them, and we don't know why. What has Cadmus done to Jeremiah? They have almost certainly experimented on him in some way, and likely have control over his actions if he didn't want to escape. Why has he returned now? There's a glimpse of Cyborg Superman, also known as the "original" Hank Henshaw, there as well. Either they are looking for their escaped hostage, or everything is going according to plan.

It's all very suspicious, and the promo for next week's episode shows that Mon-El, and maybe Kara are not ready to trust this turn of events either. Tensions also seem to be rising between Alex and Kara because of this. "You're either part of this family or not," she spits in the same promo. Brutal! Is she also under Cadmus' control? See if you can spot any clues.

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At the very least, now Alex will have the opportunity to come out to both of her parents. In Monday's episode, we learned that Maggie's coming out wasn't exactly as she had earlier described. In High School, she took a leap of faith and gave her crush a Valentine's Day card. That girl showed the card to her parents, who called Maggie's parents, and before she knew it she had been kicked out and had to live with an aunt for years. For Alex's sake, I hope that everything goes well, and that her Dad is who he says he is, on Supergirl.