Yes, That's Jessica Biel On "Hers (Interlude)" & You'll Be Obsessed With This Track

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Considering that the two more or less embody couple goals, and that Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods is finally here, fans might be wondering if the song "Hers (Interlude)" is about Jessica Biel. It's easy enough to assume so, but the singer did keep throwing listeners for a loop with the lead-up to Man of The Woods. The album title sounds more like something people would expect from an act like Bon Iver, so much of Man of the Woods is about Timberlake as an artist, and how much is about Biel? The answers may lie in the album credits.

Of course, not every song Timberlake sings is about him and his specific personal experiences. And it stands to reason that not every "her" on the album would be about Biel. Except for the actual track "Hers (Interlude)", that is. After all, "Hers (Interlude)" is just a spoken verse performed by Biel:

"When I wear his shirt, it feels like, like his skin over mine. And the little holes and tears and shreds on it are, are, are the, the memories of the past that I wasn't there for, but that somehow I feel like I understand more when it's against my skin. It's an armor, like a barrier from the world. Like, our secret nobody else knows and I like that, you know? It makes me feel like a woman, it makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel... it makes me feel like I'm his."

So if Biel's husband wrote a song called "Hers (Interlude)", but she talks about being "his," is there any world where this is about something else but their relationship?

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Again, not every song is about Timberlake specifically, and Man of The Woods has turned out to be more complex than fans anticipated. That said, it does sound like Biel is talking about Timberlake on "Hers (Interlude)." The Man of The Woods credits state that "Filthy", "Midnight Summer Jam", "Hers (Interlude)", "Flannel" and "Young Man" all "contain additional vocals by Jessica Biel," so, it's definitely her on the track. It's interesting that the so-called "interlude" is called "Hers", but is about feeling like "his." Is this Timberlake indicating the interlude is Biel's place on the album? Is he answering her I'm his feelings by titling the song "Hers (Interlude)"?

The couple doesn't comment often on their relationship to the press, but Biel has already made headlines in 2018 for her appreciation for Timberlake. Timberlake has long adored her, too. The media loves to pry, but the pair always seems secure and happy — even as they keep fans at a distance. Still, it would be surprising if the couple could collaborate on something so intimate and not have it be about themselves.

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If you're trying to find a specific moment that Biel is talking about in "Hers (Interlude)," however, give up. When seen in public, the actor is always incredibly put together, and paparazzi haven't snapped any pictures of her in Timberlake's shirt. Thus, the moments referenced in the song take place behind closed doors. Or, perhaps not every line is about them, but rather an expression of how their love feels, or a reflection of how they want to be. Timberlake even said that "this album is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family, but, more than any other album I've written, where I'm from... It's personal."

So, let's look at the facts: Biel is credited with the vocals on "Hers (Interlude)". "Hers (Interlude)" is a brief spoken word about a relationship between a man and a woman. The verse is enigmatic, but affectionate, which matches with the way the couple typically speaks of each other. Which means that this one minute spoken track may give more of an insight into the pair's relationship than any interview has before.