Jessica & Cody’s Engagement Video Will Give ‘Big Brother’ Fans SO Many Feelings

Bill Inoshita/CBS; Jessica Graf/Instagram

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson met on one CBS show and they're currently starring on another, but that's not even the most exciting thing in their lives at the moment. Big Brother and Amazing Race stars Jessica and Cody are engaged. The pair announced the news via their Instagram accounts on Thursday, although the actual question-popping apparently took place a few days earlier, in Los Angeles' Runyon Canyon. Jessica posted a video of the magical moment, included below, and effused in the caption:

"I said yes! On Tuesday, February 13th my best friend asked me to marry him. He’s made my dreams come true every day since we met! I love you + there’s no one else in the world for me. You’re my person and I thank God for you coming into my life!"

In the footage, Cody kneels on the dusty point overlooking the city and brings a box out of his athletic shorts' pocket. He's probably also saying some very romantic things about his feelings for his now-fiancée, but the wind is too high and the videographers are too far away to catch every word. What the speakers do catch is Jessica immediately bursting into tears and crying throughout the proposal, until Cody confirms that she did in fact say yes.

It's a fittingly public milestone for the pair, whose relationship has been in the spotlight from the start. They met on Season 19 of Big Brother, where they quickly began dating, sidelining their own personal gameplay to work as a team. Jessica, in particular, took criticism for saving Cody with a secret advantage that would've served her game better if she used it on herself. And sure, maybe it's true that if Jessica hadn't thrown her game away for Cody, that she'd be a half-a-millionaire right now. Who knows.

But even though ultimately, neither could get the other to the finish line and the $500,000 prize, they wound up with something much more important: each other. (Plus the $25,000 prize for America's Favorite Houseguest, incidentally, which went to Cody.)

And a second reality show appearance right on the heels of their first, which is nothing to sneeze at. Just months after whispering "I love you" to Jessica on the way out and telling BB audiences in his post-eviction interview that he planned to marry her, the two were paired up again, this time as Amazing Race teammates.

According to CBS, a season of Amazing Race takes about 25-30 days to film, and Jody returned to social media on Oct. 24. So it seems that the Emmy-winning series filmed CBS show filmed its 30th season during October 2017, and began airing a few months later, on Jan. 3. As things stand now, Cody and Jess are still in the running for the $1 million in advance of the Feb. 21 Amazing Race finale, so that's two amazing things that they could be looking forward to coming up. (A wedding and a way to potentially pay for that wedding.)

Although to be honest, it would be shocking if CBS didn't make a bid to televise these nuptials. Cody and Jessica's union was formed and strengthened in the heightened, escalated worlds of their programming, so it a televised wedding seems like a mutually beneficial opportunity.

But no matter where these two tie the knot, it's exciting to see their bond strengthen after leaving the show instead of deteriorating. So many times, showmances can't make the leap from the show into the real world, no matter how many sacrifices you make for each other on TV. The fact that Jessica and Cody are taking that next step and making it work makes everything they did for each other in the BB house all the more worthwhile.

They built a foundation on Big Brother, tested it on The Amazing Race, and found it worthy. And if you can make it work on two stress-inducing reality shows in a row, real life should be a piece of cake. (Although surely no one would turn down a chance to see either one of these two on Survivor either, in case the itch isn't scratched yet.)