JetBlue’s 2-Day Sale Includes Tickets To Major Cities For As Low As $44

Stephen Chernin/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you want to end your year by traveling somewhere amazing for a great price, then here's some truly fantastic news: JetBlue is having a huge two-day sale and tickets are going for as low as $44. Which means that, yes, you could technically score airfare for less than $50. Considering the fact that JetBlue boasts one of the roomiest legroom offerings in economy class in the U.S. — an average of 32 to 33 inches, according to the airline's website — it's not a bad deal overall.

Of course, as with any major airline sale like this one, there are limitations to be aware of. You may have to adjust your original travel plans or leave on a less-than-favorable travel day (read: midweek) to in order to make the ticket deal work for you. But at the end of the day, if you save a few hundred dollars, it could be word it.

The online two-day sale is available now until the end of the day on Tuesday, Oct. 8. You can snap up both domestic and international flights from anytime in mid-October through the end of January 2020. There are also blackout dates between Nov. 20 through Dec. 3 and Dec. 17 through Jan. 8. That means you won't score this discount for holiday travel unless you leave outside those dates. Most of the flights are for Tuesday and Wednesday travel, which isn't surprising considering how expensive it can be to fly on weekends. But there are advantages to leaving on those days of the week: not only is travel cheaper, it's also less crowed in the airports.

The sale does not apply to every single JetBlue flight from every airport. While there are dozens of cheaper flights to choose from, most are leaving from either Boston, Massachusetts; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Long Beach, California; New York, New York; and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Still, there are flights to and from plenty of other cities, including (but not limited to) Atlanta, Georgia; Newark, New Jersey; and Washington, D.C.


Some of the cheapest flights include the following: Atlanta, Georgia to Orlando, Florida for $44; Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale for $49; Boston, Massachusetts to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for $49; Long Beach, California to San Francisco, California for $44; and San Juan, Puerto Rico to St. Thomas, USVI for $59. The most expensive flights are New York, New York to Cancun, Mexico for $195; Seattle, Washington to New York for $189; and Los Angeles, California to New York for $189.

Note that these are all the prices for a one-way ticket, so figure if you get the $44 deal, you're paying $88 round-trip (without taxes and fees). Even so, it's still a great deal.

The sale might also help you save on a hotel as well. Some of the ticket prices give options for combo tickets that include the purchase of round-trip tickets and discounted hotel fare. Some of the best deals include $125 per person for round-trip flights and a three-night hotel stay from Long Beach to Las Vegas, Nevada; $479 per person for round-trip flights and a three-night hotel stay from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Cayman Islands; and $535 for round-trip airfare and a three-night hotel stay from New York to Aruba.

As always, if you do decide to purchase these tickets, remember a few things: they are nonrefundable and nontransferable, so cancelling isn't really an option (unless you want to lose money). These are also for basic economy tickets, meaning they don't include the price for a checked bag.

So, vacation, anyone?