Jill Biden Presents At The Tonys & Is Welcomed With A Standing Ovation

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Politics at the 2017 Tonys were largely relegated to an occasional joke from host Kevin Spacey and an early, rousing speech from winner Cynthia Nixon. But it was no surprise that Jill Biden received a standing ovation at the Tonys when she appeared onstage to introduce the musical performance from Bandstand as her husband, former Vice President Joe Biden, looked on from the audience. The former second couple's appearance at the awards to raise awareness for veterans' issues was welcomed very warmly by the Tonys audience, who seemed excited to welcome the political figure back into the spotlight.

And fans watching the awards quickly reacted with just as much enthusiasm as the viewers standing up in Rockefeller Center, quickly making "Dr. Jill Biden" trend with their many, many messages of support and excitement. Surprisingly, there weren't many cuts to Joe Biden in the audience, even though he's usually good for at least a few entertaining reaction shots no matter the occasion. But as a gracious husband, he let his wife and her speech about the importance of supporting veterans like the characters in Bandstand through the organization Got Your 6 hold the spotlight. And while some fans were excited to the former VP, it was Jill who got the majority of the supportive Tweets.

Jill Biden's simple statement in support of American veterans and the standing ovation she received was a throwback to the moment when former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama introduced the Hamilton performance at the 2016 Tonys and one of the best politically relevant moments of the night.