This ‘You’re The Worst’ Detail Is The Perfect Tribute To Jimmy & Gretchen's Relationship

Byron Cohen/FXX

Being married is wonderful, but actually getting to the altar can be exhausting; all the stress and planning and opinions are enough to make even the most level-headed bride or groom dream of running off and eloping. That's one reason why Jimmy and Gretchen are so against having a big wedding on You’re The Worst. Why spend all that money, they reason, when they can just run down to the county courthouse and be done with it? By the end of the Jan. 16 episode, however, the two cave and decide to take the traditional route, but Jimmy and Gretchen's wedding date shows they're still going to do it in a way that's unique to their relationship.

When the soon-to-be newlyweds first bring up the idea of eloping, Lindsay and Edgar are crushed. Lindsay wants the wedding to be on her birthday, while Edgar, ever the romantic, wants to see the couple take part in a huge declaration of love. Well, and he also wants a party.

True to form, Jimmy and Gretchen initially ignore their friends, but both have imagined their own weddings, and despite their plans to get hitched at the courthouse, they each don't show up — not because they've changed their minds about being together, but because they just get caught up in other things. Clearly, it's not a priority. When they do meet up, Lindsay and Edgar help them to realize they both want an actual wedding, and they set a date for June 9 — aka 6/9.

Byron Cohen/FXX

If you don’t get the innuendo behind choosing 6/9 as their wedding day, I implore you to Google those numbers in sequence and join us again here. I can’t be responsible for explaining the particular sex act that those digits represent. I can, however, explain what it means for Jimmy and Gretchen's relationship. They started You’re The Worst doing everything they could to flee from each other, but now, they're finally speaking the same language — even if it's a vulgar one.

For years, they were afraid of being a "regular couple," and so they ran from anything considered normal. Now, though, Gretchen and Jimmy realize that they can be true to who they are as a couple while still partaking in so-called traditional milestones — hence choosing June 9 as their wedding date. Those who know them well will see it as the joke that it is, and those that don't will just think it's nice that Jimmy and Gretchen are having a June wedding. Los Angeles is lovely in the early summer, after all.

Byron Cohen/FXX

Gretchen and Jimmy have fought convention for so long that it’s refreshing to see them embrace it, even if only a little bit. It doesn't mean they're selling out, and it doesn't make their love story any less unique, because if their wedding date is a preview of what the rest of their planning will bring, their big day will feel special and true to their wants, needs, and personality as a couple.