Jimmy Kimmel Accuses Reformation Of Ripping Off His Daughter's Food Menu Shirts

Another day, another young artist gets allegedly ripped off by a mainstream designer. But this time, a food fight of sorts is involved. Don't worry, you won't need a tray to use as a shield, but some hurled linguine will be part of the action. Jimmy Kimmel took to Twitter to call out apparel brand Reformation for allegedly copying Katie Kimmel's t-shirt designs, who happens to be Jimmy's 26-year-old daughter.

The young fashion designer has a currently sold-out red shirt for sale on her website, with the words "linguine and clams" heat-pressed in a playfully messy jumble across the front. Knowing people's passion for their favorite foods, Katie also threw in a couple more options for her dish-based collection, including a cotton-candy pink sweatshirt with the words "lentil soup" across it, a yellow tee with the phrase "deviled egg" in red, and a white t-shirt with either the words "chicken parm" or "lava cake" scrawled across, depending on which team you are on.

It's not every day that you see random menu words splashed across shirts, so when Reformation launched their own food-based collection, Kimmel cried foul. Kimmel accused the brand of taking a page from his daughter's book by releasing a line of white tees bearing phrases like "spaghetti pomodoro," "al dente," and "cacio e pepe."

Jimmy Kimmel went on Twitter to point out the similarities, writing in his tweet, "scumbag move by @reformationx stealing ideas from a young artist (who happens to be my daughter @katiekimmel)." He then linked to Katie's website, and posted a collage of Reformation's options, to show what he views as similarities between the two brands.

Bustle reached out to Reformation for comment on the line of shirts. They answered, "Graphic word tees, sweatshirts, and jackets have been a part of the Reformation brand and design aesthetic since we launched in 2009. We have a deep respect for artistic integrity and would never replicate or appropriate the work of a young artist, or any artist for that matter. This T-shirt collection is an extension of our 'Carb Collection' that launched in 2015, inspired by the 'carb' in 'carbon emissions,' as our brand mission is to provide a sustainable way to be fashionable."

While the concept of the Reformation line may be similar, there are a few differences. There definitely are cases where big-name brands just completely rip off independent artists without any tweaks. Regardless, when you're a young designer putting out creative designs in good faith, and a successful brand appears to rip off your stroke of genius, it's pretty crushing and aggravating.

If you love the idea of repping your favorite foods on your chest, below are some drama-free shirts to choose from. Bustle reached out to Katie Kimmel to see if a restock of her line will be available in the future, and all shirts will be back on sale Jan. 1.

Weekends Are For Waffles

Weekends Are For Waffles, $45, PyknicOfficial on Etsy

Make your feelings known about Sunday brunch, and then force all the friends within a five mile radius of you to go to a diner with you to get said waffles. A weekend without maple syrup is a sad weekend indeed.

I'm Here For The Snacks

I'm Here For The Snacks, $15.50, LoveMeLoveMyShirts on Etsy

Do you only go to parties or hangouts because there's food involved? Let those around you know your feelings about being ripped away from your couch, and then load up your plate without shame.

Juice Box Tee

Juice Box Tee, $11, YourWishCo on Etsy

If you prefer minimalist drawings as opposed to words and phrases, then this cute juice box tee is right up your alley. Flaunting a line design at the breast, you can let everyone know around you that you like juice, and you especially like it when it comes in a small box. It's political and edgy.

Whether you want to flaunt your love for lava cake or take a hard nosed stance on waffles, your wardrobe can help you do it.