Sunny Pawar Adorably Recreated 'The Lion King'

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are a lot of celebrities in the house at the Dolby Theatre, but Lion star Sunny Pawar is the 2017 Oscars' true winner. From his adorable red carpet interviews to his encounters with other stars, the 8-year-old has been stealing the show all night. Academy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel clearly knew who the true star of the night was, because he went into the audience to do a quick interview with Pawar that ended in the cutest moment ever. Playing off the title of the Oscar-nominated film, Jimmy Kimmel and Sunny Pawar recreated The Lion King in the audience, and the actor took the opportunity to express his enthusiasm for candy to the world.

Of course, it didn't just come out of nowhere. Earlier in the night, candy fell from the ceiling in small parachutes so that the audience members would have something to snack on. So when Kimmel sat down with the 8-year-old, he asked him what his favorite candy was and Pawar said he liked it all. Then, Kimmel asked Pawar if he'd ever seen The Lion King, and if he'd like to recreate the famous Simba scene, since his own movie is called Lion. Like the true star he is, Pawar said yes, and the audience was treated to the following moment.

Thinking back to their candy conversation, Pawar used this time with all eyes on him to yell, "Lemonheads and Mike and Ikes" into the microphone.

Let's hope that Lion was just the beginning of a long, successful career for Pawar, because clearly, awards shows need him.