Yes, Jimmy Kimmel's Tweets To Trump Are Real

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're watching the Academy Awards, then you probably just saw Jimmy Kimmel tweet to Donald Trump live on the show. But, if you don't like mixing social media use with your award show watching (surely, some of you still exist), then you might not have known if Kimmel's tweets to Trump were real. Well, they are.

During the show, Kimmel brought up Trump numerous times, but, around 11 p.m. the host noted that Trump hadn't tweeted about the Oscars yet. So, he decided to take a stronger approach towards get the president's attention.

First Kimmel tweeted, "Hey @realDonaldTrump u up?" using a form often relegated for trying to initiate a booty call at 2 a.m. He followed up this tweet with "@realDonaldTrump #Merylsayshi."

It's hard to know if Trump actually will comment on the award show. Before the show began tonight, I would think he would, but, now that the show has commented specifically on the idea of him commenting, he may actually show some restraint. It is unlikely that he will tweet during the actual show — although that would be very interesting — and, like Kimmel pointed out earlier on in the show, he might do it during a 5 a.m. bowel movement.

For now, it's just a matter of waiting and seeing if Trump will have anything to say about Hollywood's biggest night.