J.K. Rowling Jabs At Donald Trump In Best Way Ever


There are two people whose Twitter activity never fails to make the news, so whenever J.K. Rowling unleashes her Scottish-level snark on President-elect Donald Trump, the Internet achieves some kind of nuclear, pop-culture fusion. On Tuesday morning, J.K. Rowling summarized Trump's statement to The Times about his heroes, condensing the PEOTUS' rambling paragraph to a succinct 26 words. The Harry Potter author tweeted further on Trump, commenting on both the E.U.'s collective dread of his impending presidency and the people who don't fear the next four years at all.

J.K. Rowling is the Queen of Twitter, OK? As such, she's never minced words when it comes to Donald Trump, calling him "a giant orange Twitter egg" and wondering what hell hath wrought "[w]hen a man this ignorant & easy to manipulate gets within sniffing distance of the nuclear codes." After Toronto Star Washington Correspondent Daniel Dale tweeted a screenshot of The Times' interview with Trump, Rowling had the perfect reply.

The Times asked Trump if he had any heroes. His response:

Well, I don't like heroes, I don't like the concept of heroes, the concept of heroes is never great, but certainly you can respect certain people and certainly there are certain people — but I've learnt a lot from my father — my father was a builder in Brooklyn and Queens — he did houses and housing and I learnt a lot about negotiation from my father — although I also think negotiation is a natural trait, I don't think you can, you either have it or you don't, you get better at it but basically, the people that I know who are great negotiators or great salesmen or great politicians, it's very natural, very natural . . . I got a letter from somebody, their congressman, they said what you've done is amazing because you were never a politician and you beat all the politicians. He said they added it up — when I was three months into the campaign, they added it up — I had three months of experience and the 17 guys I was running against, the Republicans, had 236 years — ya know when you add 20 years and 30 years — so it's sort of a funny article but I believe it's like hitting a baseball or being a good golfer — natural ability, to me, is much more important to me than experience and experience is a great thing — I think it's a great thing — but I learnt a lot from my father in terms of leadership.

If you got lost somewhere in that 242-word mess of an answer — and that was probably the point — J.K. Rowling swooped in to save the day with this summary of Trump's statement:

(Also, is it just me, or does Trump sound exactly like 11-year-old Dudley Dursley trying to be Kid President?)

Rowling went on to remind us that every decent person in the E.U. opposes and fears Trump's regime, with fascists being the sole exception. When another Twitter user asked "What if you’re neither dreading Trumps presidency or a fascist?" Rowling replied:

Never change, J.K.R.