Jo Malone's New Spring Collection Has Taken Inspiration From The Weirdest Source

Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London is known for its bestselling fragrances, luxe packaging and top of the line ingredients. From its beloved Pomegranate Noir to more recent releases destined to be future classics (Bronze Wood & Leather, we're looking at you), it's a brand known for its class and timeless nature. So I was more than a little surprised to learn that Jo Malone's spring 2019 launch was inspired by, er, weeds. But hold your judgement, because this is a collection that's going to totally smash all your preconceptions about weeds.

The Wild Flowers & Weeds collection features five limited edition 30ml scents inspired by nature in spring. Using weeds and flowers such as hemlock, nettle, and cedarwood, this is a line you may initially think would not work. But in true Jo Malone London style, the brand has managed to expertly develop another banging range that's sure to sell out in an instant.

So let's get on to the fragrances themselves:

Nettle & Wild Achillea

"The tangy sting of nettle, peeking through pavement cracks and entwined with wild, white achillea flower. Sparkling with bright bergamot, the greenness softened by a soft base of white musk."

Willow & Amber

"The expressive weeping willow, gently draping across the fresh morning water. Captured in the woody pairing of cashmere wood and smoky vetiver, enhanced by softly sensual amber."

Cade & Cedarwood

"The smouldering embers of a wood-burning stove at nightfall. Basking in the warm and comforting glow of cade – its smoky scent mingled with cedarwood and complemented by a mouth-watering hint of sensual vanilla."

Hemlock & Bergamot

"Hemlock’s powdery petals, brightened with bergamot. A deadly, yet unexpectedly-delicate flower. Illuminated with golden mimosa and a floral flourish of heliotrope. Crisp and modern with a bite of cucumber."

Lupin & Patchouli

"Reminiscent of canal banks, awash with colour. A rainbow of lupin flowers, enriched by luxurious rose and deepened with rebellious patchouli. A surprising contrast with the fresh vibrancy of mandarin."

Jo Malone London

Speaking about the collection, creators Celine Roux, Yann Vasnier and Louise Turner revealed these fragrances (like all of JML's colognes) are great for combining. Roux likes to use Nettle & Wild Achillea with Hemlock & Bergamot, while Vasnier and Turner use the wider JML collection for their combinations, with Vasnier opting for English Oak & Hazelnut with Willow & Amber and Turner liking Red Roses with Cade & Cedarwood.

Discussing the collection as a whole, Roux explained:

"Our Brit collection is always an opportunity for us to explore new olfactive territories. For this one it was the idea of wild flowers – not the typical wild flowers you find in a field like a daisy or a daffodil, but flowers that are almost not really flowers but weeds."

"What I love about wild flowers and weeds is that the nature takes over, with no rhyme or reason – and makes things unexpectedly beautiful."

The perfumes are available officially from March 2019, but may start popping up in Jo Malone London stores any time from mid February, so be sure to keep your eyes glued to your local shop. Each 30ml will set you back £49, making these perfect spring time/easter gifts for loved ones.