Joanna Gaines Just Launched A Holiday Pet Collection At Target


If you drool over Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines' designs, now your dog can too. Joanna Gaines has launched a holiday collection for pets at Target, and it's so cute I'm wondering if I can pull off a collar? The HGTV star turned lifestyle guru and master of aesthetic has created a line of bandanas, leashes and dog pajamas nicer than anything I have in my closet. This rustic-chic collection is added to her Hearth and Hand with Magnolia line at Target.

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia at Target also features an array of products that can spruce up any space. Adding anything from this line to your abode will instantly morph a space into a domestic bliss. From eucalyptus wreaths to cable knit slippers, there are many ways you can ~fix up~ your home with Joanna Gaines' help.

And once you and your home have been styled to industrial farmhouse perfection, why not turn your attention to fido? This essential member of the family and guard of the house can now match the textiles and textures of your whole home ~vibe~. There's even a cozy, plaid winter hat for your best friend, complete with holes for floppy ears. All of this just in time for the Christmas pictures!

You may have previously not been familiar with dog pajamas, but Hearth and Hand with Magnolia at Target has officially made it a thing. When you come down the stairs for Christmas breakfast, not yet out of your red and green striped pajamas, your dog can too be dressed to impressed. There are two styles for fido to choose from. One design features snowflakes while the other is a tasteful plaid. Sizes range from XS to XL. Forget puppy dog eyes, your dog will look so sweet you'll want to invite them to the table for a plate of pancakes.

Complete your pup's outfit with a leash and winter hat suitable for a mid winter walk. The trapper style hat fits extra small dogs to the extra large ones. It's plaid and perfect for accentuating their undoubtable cuteness. No walk is complete without a leash. The clean white and gray leash featured in the collection is refined with a leather handle. So even if your dog splashes in mud, they'll still be rocking a pretty leash that pulls everything together.

If you haven't thought about what to get fido for the holidays, now you don't have to. Hearth and Hand with Magnolia's Holiday pet collection has just what you need. A new bed for your dog to lounge in by a roaring fire, no doubt dreaming about muddy puddles and turkey falling to the floor? They got it. A bandana? It's there. How about a crisp collar to match the aforementioned leash? You're in luck!

But don't forget about toys. A Plaid Toy Rope could be the only thing your dog cares for seeing, or chewing on, in their stocking. But if you're more of a gift wrapping kind of person, Joanna Gaines' line at Target of course completes with wrapping paper options. And this attention to detail boosts the holiday cheer.

Whatever you decide to purchase for your pooch, they'll surely be grateful for your thoughtfulness and sense of style. The Holiday pet collection is available on